Chicago Measles Cases Rise as Illegal Aliens Show Up With Tuberculosis

2024-04-04 06:00:37

Leslie has California. I have Illinois.

The glorious city of Chicago has 53 measles cases…as of now.

The city claimed the illegal aliens didn’t cause the measles outbreak. But then health officials traced the outbreak to an illegal alien shelter.

Chicago had more than half of the reported measles cases in the U.S.

Oh, new arrivals have brought tuberculosis.

53 Cases

Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck, Cook County Department of Public Health chief operating officer, thinks the cases will keep rising…but those will expand outside of Cook County:

“Thankfully, there hasn’t been a new infection for the last four days. But we really can’t predict where it’s going to go at this point.”

Asked if infections will top the current count, Hasbrouck said, “if I had to predict … I don’t think we’ll stop at 53. And, we’ll probably see more of what I’m going to call ‘imported cases’ into other surrounding collar counties as migrants begin to move out and settle into communities.”

Measles has popped up in suburban Cook, Lake, and Will counties.

Chicago vaccinated over 5,000 illegal aliens. Herd immunity will help, too. But still.

Children aged four and younger make up almost 60% of the patients in Chicago.

Chicago ‘Mystified’ Over Measles Outbreak

Laugh. Out. Loud.

Illinois is supposedly mystified over the spike in measles cases.

On March 28, Chicago Health Commissioner Olusimbo Ige insisted that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was wrong about the illegals bringing measles to Chicago:

“New arrivals didn’t bring measles to Chicago. It was circulating here, and they are vulnerable to it because many come from countries where they didn’t receive the vaccinations we in the United States do, and they’re living in congregate settings where it can spread more easily,” Ige said. “We’re now doing the hard work to contain that spread.”

However, the city only said the first case came from a non-shelter resident.

And since then, report after report linked the measles outbreak to the Pilsen shelter.

Chicago has over 50% of the measles cases in the U.S.:

Chicago remains the national leader in measles cases with more than 50% of the U.S. cases, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced 97 confirmed cases on Friday. There were 58 measles cases in all of 2023.

This year’s cases have been reported in 18 jurisdictions, including the District of Columbia, the CDC reported. Seven states have reported outbreaks, whic is defined as three or more cases and the agency said that 72% of the national cases are linked to outbreaks.

By comparison, four outbreaks were reported in 2023 and 48 cases were outbreak-related.

Three cases have also been linked to suburban counties in Illinois, bringing the state’s caseload to 55.


Officials have also detected tuberculosis among illegal aliens in Chicago. But they’re trying to downplay it. Only a “few” cases and no one revealed the number of cases.

No one identified the illegal alien shelter too.

Goodness, people. NO ONE should have tuberculosis in America in 2024:

The health department could not share exactly how many cases were found or identify shelters. But the department said there haven’t been any reports of TB in the city from an exposure to migrants positive for the infection.

TB cases pop up in Chicago each year, with about 100-150 infections detected annually, said Jacob Martin, a spokesperson for the health department. Because of that, the health department needs to sort through its data to figure out which cases are new arrivals and which are other city residents. Those numbers will be made public once that analysis is complete.

“I would not characterize this as an outbreak,” Martin said. “It’s relatively inline with what we expect to see.”

Then why don’t you tell us the numbers and which shelters? Why so secretive? Both of those are rhetorical questions. We know the answers.

Thank goodness doctors can cure tuberculosis with antibiotics.


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Chicago Measles Cases Rise as Illegal Aliens Show Up With Tuberculosis


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