Border Patrol Agent Tells Reporter That a Mountain in New Mexico is ‘Not Ours’ Anymore

2024-04-06 07:00:40

Matt Finn is a reliable reporter for FOX News who has been covering the border crisis. In a tweet on Friday afternoon, Finn claimed that he was told by a Border Patrol agent that a mountain in Sunland Park, New Mexico no longer belongs to the United States, and that the cartels have taken it over.

Finn’s tweet includes a video of some illegals crossing over just moments later.

See below:

This is disturbing.

Allow me to ask a very scary question. What would prevent the Mexican cartels from carrying out an October 7th style attack on the United States, and if they did, how would we respond?

The New York Post Editorial Board knows exactly what I am talking about:

Biden’s open borders have created a terror threat — and the ‘what ifs’ are chilling

How many terrorists has the Biden administration let slip over our border? Nobody knows.

On Tuesday, Republican lawmakers demanded Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas answer why a known Somalian terrorist, “a confirmed member of al Shabaab,” was allowed to roam free in the United States for nearly a year.

The Border Patrol picked up the man, 27, in California in March 2023, but screwed up the terror watchlist screening and let him go. He eventually found his way to Minnesota, where (after the feds clocked the mistake) Immigration and Customs Enforcement nabbed him in January.

But the “what ifs” are chilling…

Last week, the NYPD busted a group of Venezuelan migrant squatters in the Bronx, finding drugs, ammo and firearms, including a “ghost gun,” in their basement hideout.

If a criminal gang can get that far, a high-end terrorist cell can surely get set up to pull off an attack at least as awful as the recent Moscow slaughter, as one federal official told The Post.

This report from KOAT News is about the same area as the tweets above. Sunland Park, NM:

Migrants found hiding in southern New Mexico middle school

A group of undocumented migrants walked into Santa Teresa Middle School, putting the school on lockdown.

The latest incident happened last week.

According to the Gadsden Independent School District, there was another incident that occurred on March 20.

“Being that those schools are so close to the border. The proximity of the border, these types of events happen weekly,” said Refugio Socorro, a spokesperson with U.S. Border Patrol…

“At first, I was scared with every notification from the school that they’re on lockdown. As a parent, you’re going to get worried,” said the mom.

According to Border Patrol, they are seeing about 1,000 migrant encounters a day in the El Paso Sector, with the most happening near Santa Teresa and Sunland Park.

People who mean to do harm to the United States might be crossing our border in huge numbers every day, and all we hear from our leaders in Washington is how we must defend Ukraine. Nothing makes sense.

Featured image via Twitter video.


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Border Patrol Agent Tells Reporter That a Mountain in New Mexico is ‘Not Ours’ Anymore


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