New Witness Contradicts Nathan Wade’s Former Law Partner’s Testimony

2024-03-05 12:00:50

Former President Donald Trump’s Georgia case just keeps getting weirder!

A new witness has come forward with statement that contradict the testimony of Terrence Bradly, the former law partner of special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Bradley contradicted himself on the stand!

I cannot keep up.

At first, Terrance Bradley claimed Willis and Wade began their relationship before 2022. But under oath, he said he was speculating.

Trump’s co-defendant Cathy Latham filed a notice about statements from Manny Arora, a former adjunct professor at Georgia State School of Law and board-certified in criminal law.

The filing said that Arora and Bradley spoke about the relationship between Fulton County DA Fani Willis and Wade between September and October 2023.

Arora claimed that Bradley told him:

1) Mr. Wade had definitely begun a romantic relationship with Ms. Willis during the time that Ms. Willis was running for District Attorney in 2019 through 2020;

2) After the election during Ms. Willis’ transition, she had Mr. wade supervise the transition including hiring and firing candidates after interviews; and

3) Mr. Bradley stated that he had personal knowledge of the relationship between Mr. wade and district Attorney Willis, including details regarding the use of Ms. Robin Yeartie’s apartment such as Ms. Wade’s having a garage opener to the property.

“Arora represented Trump co-defendant Kenneth Chesebro, who took a plea deal in October,” reported The Daily Caller.

On February 28, Bradley took the stand. He said, under oath, that “he couldn’t recall several details and timelines about conversations” he had with Wade about Willis.

But then:

Defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant at one point referenced text messages between her and Bradley in which she had asked Bradley if he thought the relationship started before Willis hired Wade in 2021. Bradley responded “absolutely” in the text exchange.

But in court Tuesday, Bradley said he was “speculating” in those comments.

It gets better. Another witness can say that Bradley didn’t tell the truth under oath:

Trump co-defendant David Shafer’s attorneys told Judge Scott McAfee Monday that Cindi Lee Yeager, co-chief deputy for the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office, could also testify to multiple conversations she had with Bradley that “directly” contradicted his testimony on the witness stand.

“Ms. Yeager watched Mr. Bradley’s testimony before the Court and became concerned as a result of the fact that what Mr. Bradley testified to on the witness stand was directly contrary to what Mr. Bradley had told Ms. Yeager in person,” the filing stated. (RELATED: Judge Indicates He Will Rule On Fani Willis Disqualification Within 2 Weeks)

Maybe Bradley shouldn’t contradict himself under oath.


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New Witness Contradicts Nathan Wade’s Former Law Partner’s Testimony


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