Susan Sarandon Joins Anti-Israel Protesters Near Columbia University

2024-04-19 19:50:35

Actress Susan Sarandon joined anti-Israel protesters assembled outside of Columbia University a day after more than a hundred pro-Palestinian activists were arrested.

In video footage posted to X, Sarandon was seen wearing a letter jacket with characters from The Simpsons and leading a group of protesters in a chant as they repeated after her.

In November 2023, Sarandon received backlash after making a comment at a pro-Palestinian rally that Jewish people were “getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country,” in response to a rise in antisemitism.

As a result of her comment, Sarandon was dropped by her agency, United Talent Agency.

Sarandon could be heard saying Friday as a crowd of protesters repeated:

….That it is very important to have their voices heard. And, that it is their right in a democracy, especially in a place of education, and supposedly higher thoughts. To be attacked with racism and intolerance is not acceptable. There are many, many people who stand with you. You must know that you inspire so many people. People who are afraid, people who are old and afraid, are looking to you and your voices, and your organization, and your tenacity, and your kindness to make a difference in the situation. You give me hope, to me and so many people, and in the end, the truth will win.

Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters reportedly remain encamped on Columbia University’s lawn on Friday, even after hundreds of protesters had been arrested the day before, according to CNN.

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) daughter, Isra Hirsi, was among the students who were arrested and given summonses for trespassing.

Prior to being arrested, Hirsi had revealed on X that she was among the students who had been suspended from Barnard College over her involvement in the anti-Israel encampment set up on the south lawn of Columbia University.

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Susan Sarandon Joins Anti-Israel Protesters Near Columbia University


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