‘I’m a Little Blissed Out’

2024-04-19 13:51:33

Actor Russell Brand has posted a video in which he demonstrates how to pray the rosary, though he acknowledged he hasn’t fully mastered some of the prayers.

“For meditation today, we’re going to do something a little bit different. We’re going to chant the holy rosary,” he said. “Now, I don’t know all of the prayers, like it begins and ends with certain prayers. But today we’ll be looking at the chant itself.”

Brand used a rosary that he said was given to him by his friend, Joe. “He said even though the crucifix is broken, Christ remains in tact.”

Watch below:

At the end of his prayers, Brand said, “I’m a little blissed out.”

Russell Brand has devoted a number of recent videos to exploring Christianity and Catholicism, saying he has started to wear a cross around his neck.

“The reason I wear a cross is because Christianity, and in particular the figure of Christ, it seems to me inevitably becoming more important as I become more familiar with suffering, purpose, self, and not self,” Brand said in a January video.

Last year, he expressed his need for God in his life, insisting without Him he “cannot cope in this world.”

Brand has come under attack by the #MeToo cancel mob after his videos criticizing the mainstream news media, big pharma, and the military-industrial complex drew huge online followings. Various women have accused him of rape and other forms of sexual misconduct, with British police opening a sex crimes investigation.

The actor has denied the accusations.

After YouTube moved to demonetize his content, Brand said he would post his content primarily on Rumble.

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‘I’m a Little Blissed Out’


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