Chinese Health Officials Warn of ‘Severe Illness and Death’ as Holiday Travel Could Spread Infections Globally

2024-01-27 04:50:06

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Will the next global spread-a-thon be upon us soon?

The Chinese Lunar New Year has officially begun. Celebrated by many for the promise of spring and new beginnings, it’s one of the most important holidays in China. And with it, comes the promise of Chinese citizens traveling across the globe.

The “Chunyun,” also known as the annual Lunar New Year Travel Rush, is a 40-day event where traveling will be at an all-time high. It’s expected to bring an explosion of tourists going to new places, seeing new faces… and potentially bringing the threat of new viral outbreaks.

That’s right — we’re expecting to see an influx of travel in and out of China for the next few weeks.

In fact, the Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) warned press conference attendees that this massive travel event will likely result in elevated cases of Wuhan coronavirus and potentially higher cases of “severe illness and death.”

Hospitals in the United States are already seeing a rise in COVID, flu, and respiratory illness cases. Health experts suggest this potential “tripledemic” is cause for concern.

In addition to seasonal flu, the new JN.1 coronavirus variant, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) plaguing the country, there’s an uptick in severe weather events. These often result in flooded roads, power outages, and limited access to resources.

What if there were a way to better protect your family against the unknowns that this winter holds?

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that you can’t depend on the government to save you. Even now, the World Health Organization (WHO) is discussing its plans for a “Pandemic Preparedness Treaty” which aims to crack down on which medications will be allowed to be prescribed during a health crisis and which will not.

Big Pharma and Big Tech have shown their true colors in proving their inability to keep you well. Supply chain issues, censoring life-saving information, and limiting your access to medicines will keep you sick and dependent on the system.

The threat of more lockdowns looms on the horizon. It’s up to you to prepare for any health threat that may come your way.


You know the importance of good nutrition and supplements like zinc, Vitamin D, and echinacea, but there will always be factors outside your control. Arm yourself with a medical emergency kit to safeguard you and your family from the unexpected!

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In addition, The Wellness Company’s Medical Emergency Kit includes:

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You’ll also receive a Medical Emergency Guidebook, an easy-to-understand resource developed by our Chief Medical Board to help you navigate safe emergency use.

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Every mindful health choice you make adds resilience to your life. Move forward with confidence in the face of unforeseen medical emergencies and resource shortages.


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Chinese Health Officials Warn of ‘Severe Illness and Death’ as Holiday Travel Could Spread Infections Globally


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