Democracy Can’t Continue if SCOTUS Rules Trump Has Immunity

2024-03-19 20:07:49

CNN commentator Adam Kinzinger said on Tuesday in CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of President Donald Trump’s immunity claims, it would end American democracy.

Cooper said, “It’s important pointing out that there’s a lot at stake here in this ruling .”

Kinzinger said, “Oh, there’s a lot at stake. I mean, not just in terms of what it means for this election in my obviously, if the Supreme Court comes back of what we expect and say, you don’t have absolute immunity then potentially this trial will proceed.”

He added, “If they come back and say there is such thing as unlimited immunity  I don’t see how the presidency, and frankly how democracy can continue. If you have a bad actor in place that literally can get away with anything so long as he or she has the title the president in front of their name. This is a very important thing for the Supreme Court to take up. It may be why they decided to take this up after the appellate court, but they’re going to have to make their stamp. Hopefully it comes out 9-0, potentially 8-1. But it’s going to be a resounding defeat for Trump. I think.”

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Democracy Can’t Continue if SCOTUS Rules Trump Has Immunity


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