Portland State U. Releases LGBT Directory With Over 20 Genders

2024-01-25 07:00:19

Brought to you by the party that claims to believe in science.

‘Non-Binary Transmasculine’: Portland State releases LGBT directory with 20+ genders

Every year, Portland State University releases a list of its LGBTQ community members and supporters.

This year’s list, obtained by Young America’s Foundation, includes more than 20 genders and sexual orientations, including one called “SaulChad.”

The list is a project of the public university’s “Queer Resource Center.”

“Each year we ask our trans and queer community to join us in celebration to sign our annual OUT list to help us destigmatize being out in school and at work,” the center states on its website. “All PSU students, staff, faculty, alum, community members, and allies are invited to sign the list, we post it every year at the end of October on our website.”

The “OUT List” asks for both “gender identity” and “sexual orientation/identity.”

Listed gender identities include: “genderqueer,” “trans person/non-binary,” “Non-Binary Transmasculine,” “Genderfluid, Transfluid, Genderqueer,” “All, none, just me,” and “Queer- SaulChad.”

Accounting Professor Madelyn Parsons called herself a “Cis Woman” but, possibly wary of not being up to date on the latest terms, wrote “Please replace with the most appropriate terminology.” She is a lesbian, according to her “sexual orientation/identity answer.”

Parsons is on the university’s “Open for Business” committee, according to her LinkedIn. The group “is a forum for Portland’s LGBTQIA+ business community.”

“Our mission is to serve and support LGBTQIA+ leaders, professionals and community members,” Parson’s LinkedIn states. “We create spaces to manifest the social, environmental and economic business solutions central to the Portland community and beyond.”

Other listed orientations include “Lesbian/Sapphic,” “lesbian!” “bambisexual & demisexual,”  and “demisexual panromantic.”

Young America’s Foundation commented:

Among students, there is a noticeable trend – instead of identifying as the opposite sex, the vast majority of students on this list have adopted “neo-genders” and “non-binary” status. Only twelve students fall into the simple “male/female swap” category, while 50 claim to be “non-binary,” and the rest are “fluid,” “questioning,” “genderflux,” or otherwise…

…It’s very concerning that such a large number of young people (and the individuals tasked with training them for the “real world”) at a single school have bought into this insanity.

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Portland State U. Releases LGBT Directory With Over 20 Genders


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