Supreme Court Extends the Stay on Texas Immigration Law ‘Pending Further Order’

2024-03-18 18:00:38

The Supreme Court has extended the block on a Texas immigration law until further notice.

In a one-sheet order, Justice Samuel Alito confirmed the extension of the stay “pending further order of the undersigned or of the Court.”

SCOTUS will take action but we do not know when it will happen.

Senate Bill 4 allows state law enforcement to arrest and detain illegal immigrants who cross the border outside of legal ports of entry.

The Biden administration claimed the law “conflicts with federal law in multiple respects.” One reason is because it stops the country “from speaking ‘with one voice’ in matters involving foreign affairs.”

SCOTUS issued a stay on March 4 when the DOJ asked for one after the 5th Circuit allowed the law to go into effect, overturning a lower court.

On February 29, U.S. District Judge David Ezra’s preliminary injunction halted the law because it conflicts with federal law and violates the supremacy clause.

Ezra also wrote, “If allowed to proceed, SB 4 could open the door to each state passing its own version of immigration laws.”

But the 5th Circuit granted a stay on the decision. The court did not explain its reasoning.


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Supreme Court Extends the Stay on Texas Immigration Law ‘Pending Further Order’


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