It’s the ‘Patriotic Duty’ of Former Trump Officials to Warn the Country He’s Dangerous

2024-01-29 21:00:04

Former Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) said Monday on CNN’s “News Night” that it was the “patriotic duty” of former officials who were in President Donald Trump’s administration to warn voters he is dangerous.

Anchor Abby Phillip said, “November looks likely to be a Biden Trump match-up. How do you think that goes if the election were held today?”

Franken said, “Polling today changes all the time, but I don’t know. It’s going to be a close election either way, that’s what I say. I would like to see people like James Mattis and John Kelly, can I read a couple of things? This is John Kelly on President Trump, ‘The depths of his dishonesty, Kelly was his chief of staff, ‘the depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. He is the most flawed person I’ve ever met in my life.’ Okay? This is James Mattis, ‘He is more dangerous than anyone I could ever imagine.’ I would like to see those former Trump administration officials start to say who this guy is.”

Phillip said, “Do you expect that will happen?”

Franken said, “I would urge them to do it. I hope they are watching right now. If they are patriots and they feel the sway about this guy, that he is the most dangerous person they’ve ever seen, that he is the lowest character of anyone they have ever met, it is your patriotic duty to get out there and tell people about this. We can’t have this man running our government.”

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It’s the ‘Patriotic Duty’ of Former Trump Officials to Warn the Country He’s Dangerous


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