California Bay Area Health Officials Worrying Over Uptick in Measles Cases

2024-04-03 06:00:08

Legal Insurrection readers may recall that at the end of 2023, California’s leaders decided to open up Medi-Cal to illegal immigrants, “paper or no papers.”

So, it is interesting that California officials in the Bay Area have sounded the alarm over measles cases.

The group representing health officers in the nine Bay Area counties warned the public Friday about the rising number of measles cases in California and the United States, and urged residents to ensure they’re up to date with vaccinations and are vigilant about symptoms after international travel.

The risk of measles remains low for Bay Area residents. But the alert from the Association of Bay Area Health Officials, which typically reserves such joint statements for urgent public health matters, signals heightened concern about the rise of the highly infectious disease.

California health officials issued a similar warning in February. There have been five cases of measles reported in California in 2024 — in San Diego, Los Angeles, El Dorado and Alameda counties. In 2023, there were four confirmed cases in the state.

Public health officials are focused on “international travel,” especially at airports.

Health officials are particularly eyeing international travel from the Bay Area’s three major airports to regions currently experiencing measles outbreaks.

“We’re really encouraging people to ensure that they were properly vaccinated, and to really make sure that they are up-to-date,” said Dr. Lael Duncan, Marin County deputy health officer.

“That’s really what we want people to keep in mind during this spring break season,” added Dr. Kismet Baldwin-Santana, San Mateo County health officer.

Let’s not forget that the Biden administration created a program that’s allowed more than 320,000 migrants into the US — so they don’t have to cross the southern border illegally. Republican lawmakers wanted that program terminated.

Rep. Russell Fry (R-SC), joined by 22 other GOP lawmakers, made the request in a letter to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) acting director Troy Miller, citing a recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates for less immigration and has been suing for records on the program.

“We write today to express our grave concerns over the Biden administration’s actions to fly approximately 320,000 illegal immigrants from Latin American airports to 43 cities across the United States,” wrote Fry, a member of the House Oversight and Judiciary committees.

Meanwhile, in Northern California, hundreds of people were recently exposed to measles after a child with the virus was seen at a hospital. The child had…”traveled internationally.”

The child had returned from international travel and was evaluated March 5 at UC Davis Health’s emergency department between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. PT., Sacramento County officials said in a news release.

The hospital said it “has the situation under control” and noted it began contacting about 300 in the facility who may have been exposed. It said, “There are no additional potential exposures at UC Davis Medical Center beyond those people who have been identified and contacted.”

“UC Davis has a record of each patient and employee in the Emergency Department that day, and notifications about potential exposure are being sent through phone calls, the electronic medical record’s online messaging portal, letters, in person, and to the care teams of patients who were admitted from the Emergency Department during the time period,” hospital officials said in a news release.

There is no further information on the child, such as the nationality or the region from which the child traveled. However, given the fact Sacramento has completely opened up the state’s border and medical system, an outbreak of measles from an illegal immigrant has a much higher chance of occurring. We are not checking these immigrants for any disease before they enter or enforcing vaccination mandates.

A measles outbreak may be the best-case scenario for the unintended consequences of the woke policies implemented in this state. Clearly, there is no genuine concern for public health in California from our leaders. Their focus is on power and virtue signaling.

I am looking forward to Mary Chastain’s next Chicago measles update.


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California Bay Area Health Officials Worrying Over Uptick in Measles Cases


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