Naperville, IL, Councilman Suggests Sign-Up Sheet for Families to House Illegal Immigrants

2024-01-23 14:00:07

It starts off with an option, but we all know the government uses it as a gateway to mandatory actions.

I grew up outside of Naperville, IL. It was and still is one of the affluent, rich, posh, and up-scale Chicago suburbs.

Councilman Josh McBroom suggested a sign-up sheet for Naperville families to volunteer and house illegal immigrants.

Oh, man. No one in Naperville, especially those in the richer neighborhoods with huge houses, would sign up:

McBROOM: “I do know that there’s a lot of people that do care. And I — I think we live in a compassionate community. So, you know, before we go down the road of, you know, doing what — following suit that some of these other cities are taking action on, you know, my idea would be, let’s find out. Let’s find out who’s willing to help. So, you know, we do hear from constituents on both sides of this, what are we gonna do to preemptively stop this? And then we hear from people that tell us we should do more. So, you know, we do have a very affluent community, a lot of big homes. What I’d like to do is direct staff to create a sign-up sheet so — you know, for individuals that would be willing to house migrant families. And if there’s people that would do that, God bless them. So, if we could raise awareness in that way, I think we need to find out, I think we need to find out who would be willing to house migrant families. So that would be my new business and I’d be looking for support from from the dais. Any questions, discussion, happy to have that.”

Council members Paul Leong, Jennifer Bruzam Taylor, and Nate Wilson supported McBroom’s proposal.

Staff members have to vet the idea before it’s officially brought forward at a meeting:

By a show of hands, council members Nate Wilson, Paul Leong and Jennifer Bruzan Taylor supported McBroom’s proposal. The idea will be vetted more thoroughly by staff before it is brought back to the council for discussion at a future meeting.

“Our constituents are asking about it more frequently,” McBroom said, adding that he’s heard from community members who are imploring the city to do more as well as some who are asking what the city is doing to prevent buses from coming to Naperville.


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Naperville, IL, Councilman Suggests Sign-Up Sheet for Families to House Illegal Immigrants


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