Massachusetts Teachers Association To Host Anti-Israel Webinar Led By Anti-Zionist Jewish Voice For Peace

2024-03-15 06:00:18

On Thursday, March 21, the Anti-Racism Task Force of the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) will host a webinar, “The Struggle Against Anti-Palestinian Racism.” The virtual event, sponsored in honor of the United Nations “International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination,” will be co-hosted by Jewish Voice for Peace, which among other things, honored convicted terrorist bomber and murderer Rasmeah Odeh at it’s annual meeting in 2017.

According to the event description, in the wake of the Hamas massacre, more attention needs to be paid to the plight of the Palestinians :

It is often said that the issue of Palestine is ‘complicated.’ For this reason, many teachers do not feel confident to speak about it in their classrooms or with their colleagues. However, the idea that Palestinian history is more complicated than the history of other struggles against oppression means that anti-Palestinian racism too often goes unnoticed.

A team of MTA rank and file members, along with Jewish Voice for Peace, have created a workshop to engage their MTA siblings in a conversation about questions such as: What is anti-Palestinian discrimination? How does Palestine fit into the larger framework of colonialism and imperialism? What are Zionism, anti-Zionism and their histories? Why is anti-Zionism not anti-Semitism?

That this event is sponsored by the MTA in cooperation with JVP in honor of a UN “international day” tells you all you need to know.

The MTA drew fire last year when it joined the United Auto Workers and other labor unions in a lopsided call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. They also opposed US support of “the Netanyahu government’s genocidal war on the Palestinian people in Gaza.” Though they subsequently issued a more balanced statement, you already knew whose side they were on.

Their choice of co-sponsor is another dead giveaway. Jewish Voice for Peace is an anti-Israel, anti-semitic “as-a-Jew” organization that wasted no time condemning the Jewish state for “oppressing” those who raped, pillaged, and murdered their way through southern Israel on October 7:

This event has all the trappings of yet another leftist Jew-baiting hate-in, sponsored by the people in charge of educating your children.


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Massachusetts Teachers Association To Host Anti-Israel Webinar Led By Anti-Zionist Jewish Voice For Peace


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