Hamas Reportedly Will Reject Israeli Ceasefire Offer, Wants More Terrorists Freed in Hostage Deal

2024-02-04 10:35:32

Hamas reportedly will reject an Israeli ceasefire offer in exchange for hostages, Arab and Israeli news outlets report Sunday evening. The terrorist group made additional demands, calling for the release of more terrorists from Israeli prisons in return for 136 hostages.

Hamas “rejected the proposed hostage deal formulated in Paris, demanding that Israel release more Palestinian terrorists locked up in Israeli jails,” the Israeli TV channel; i24NEWS reported citing a Saudi newspaper. The deal, backed by the Biden administration, would have enabled a long-term truce in Gaza and seen the return of Israeli hostages in multiple stages.

In early December, Hamas broke a ceasefire when it refused to release female hostages and resumed attacks of Israeli troops. Under the previous deal, Israel released hundreds of convicted terrorist and murders to secure the freedom of around 100 hostages taken into captivity in the wake of the October 7 terror attacks.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

Hamas is set to reject on Sunday evening the Gaza hostage and ceasefire deal proposed in Paris last week, Saudi outlet Al-Arabiya reported.

According to the report, the terror organization is set to demand an increase in the number of Palestinian terrorists released from Israeli prisons.

Israel won’t agree to pay any price to return the over 130 hostages held in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his government hours before Hamas was expected to deliver its response to the framework of an agreement reached in Paris last week.

“Efforts to free our abductees continue all the time,” Netanyahu said at the weekly meeting held in Tel Aviv amid reports that the Hamas response at 7 p.m. was likely to request the release of many Palestinians jailed for killing Israelis.

“We will not agree to any deal, and not at any price.” Many things that are said in the media as if we agreed to them, such as what is related to the release of terrorists, we simply will not agree to,” Netanyahu said.

IDF closes in on Hamas’ terrorist leadership

Meanwhile, the Israeli military is closing in on Hamas leadership, believed to hiding in the southern Gaza stronghold of Khan Younis. The remaining Israeli hostages, including women and children, are being used as human shields to slow down the Israeli advance.

Hamas has no regards for Palestinian civilian lives as well. Many of Hamas’s terror commanders and operatives are hiding among civilians in Khan Younis as they plot and carry out attacks on Israeli troops, IDF sources say.

The Times of Israel reported Sunday:

The IDF has identified that Hamas operatives in the western Khan Younis area have been hiding among civilian shelters.

In recent days, some 120,000 Palestinians were evacuated from the Khan Younis camp via a humanitarian corridor established by the IDF. Among the 120,000 moving through the corridor, Givati Brigade troops nabbed some 500 terror suspects and handed them over to be questioned in Israel. Some are suspected of being involved in the October 7 attacks, according to military sources.

“The brigade is operating forcefully in western Khan Younis and managing to bring the terrorists out of their hiding places every day,” says brigade commander Col. Liron Betito.

Givati troops have killed an estimated 550 Hamas operatives in battles in the Khan Younis area in recent weeks, and another 250 in airstrikes directed by the brigade, sources say. Today alone, in the Khan Younis camp, Givati troops killed 14 gunmen.


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