Yale Students Cheer Wildly and Chant ‘Viva Viva Palestina!’ as American Flag is Lowered on Campus

2024-04-21 10:30:13

This is just insane. We have a serious problem in this country, and it’s in almost all of our elite schools.

Look at this.

The Yale Daily News reports:

Pro-divestment protesters stay overnight on Beinecke Plaza, no arrests

More than 400 people gathered on Beinecke Plaza on Friday to oppose Yale’s investments in military weapons manufacturers. Protesters set up tents on the Plaza and remained there overnight.

More than 25 police officers were on the scene over the day but did not make arrests, though one individual was detained.

The demonstration was timed to concur with University President Peter Salovey’s send-off party at the Schwarzman Center. Attendees at the party included at least eight members of the Yale Corporation — the University’s highest governing body — as well as current and former University administrators. Yale announced on Wednesday that it would not divest from military weapons manufacturers, a decision that came on the heels of months of pro-divestment campaigning from various students and organizations.

Dean of Yale College Pericles Lewis told the News on Friday night that he had promised the protest’s student leaders that he would meet with them if they pack up their tents. An organizer told the News they had responded to the administration’s offer and would only consider dispersing if they were granted an open meeting with the Corporation Committee on Investor Responsibility, which recommends investment policy to the full Corporation.

“We are tired of the Trustees hiding behind administrators and advisory committees,” a student wrote to the News on behalf of organizers. “We would only begin to consider dispersal if the trustees themselves agreed to face us.”

Featured image via Twitter video.


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Yale Students Cheer Wildly and Chant ‘Viva Viva Palestina!’ as American Flag is Lowered on Campus


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