UCLA Medical School Assignments Allegedly Call for Destroying Borders

2024-02-12 17:00:20

This gives the game away, doesn’t it? What do medical studies have to do with immigration and border policies?

FOX News reports:

UCLA medical school assignments call for abolition of borders, says crisis ‘imagined:’ Report

First year medical students at UCLA’s medical school were allegedly assigned readings from activists and educators calling for the abolition of borders, according to a medical transparency group.

Do No Harm said the readings were assigned in the required course, “Structural Racism and Health Equity.” Copies of the documents were shared with National Review on Thursday.

In one reading from a scholarly paper entitled, “Beyond border health: Infrastructural violence and the health of border abolition,” the authors call for a “no borders system that privileges liberatory solidarity with migrants.”

The authors blame health disparities among migrants on border enforcement and call for abolition of borders as a “medical intervention” to solve this problem.

“To undo rather than to mitigate the effects of existing infrastructure, border health advocates must broaden their gaze to embrace a framework that is global, shaken free from the constraints imposed by violent borders and traditional professional practice. Rather than acquiesce to the idea of borders as fixed and thus focus interventions on mitigating their harms, we must think about the medical necessity for abolition,” they argue.

Another required reading directs students to a 2021 interview in The Guardian with Canadian immigration activist Harsha Walia, who also calls for the abolition of borders.

As in the first reading, Walia says mass migration is due to factors like colonialism and U.S. imperialism. She argues that there is no “border crisis” in the United States or anywhere else.

“Instead, there are the ‘actual crises’ that drive mass migration – such as capitalism, war and the climate emergency – and ‘imagined crises’ at political borders, which are used to justify further border securitization and violence,” The Guardian quotes Walia.


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UCLA Medical School Assignments Allegedly Call for Destroying Borders


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