The Left is Trying to Redefine Anti-Zionism to Excuse Antisemitism

2024-02-07 05:00:29

People on the left don’t think they’re capable of bigotry and will reshape reality to conform to that view.

From the Cornell Daily Sun:

Why Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism in Disguise

Imagine a group of people accused of racism demanding the University adopt a definition of racism that would exempt them.

This, in essence, is what the Cornell Coalition for Mutual Liberation did on Dec. 1 when they demanded Cornell define anti-Zionism as an “ideology” and not antisemitism. It seems Jews are the only minority denied the right to define aggressions against them as bigotry.

Defining Zionism is simple: It is the desire by an indigenous people, the Jews, to return to their ancestral homeland and for those who never left to regain/retain sovereignty. Observant Jews pray three times every day for a return to Jerusalem and an end to their exile from Zion; Jews have been praying for an end to exile for almost 2,000 years.

The Anti-Defamation League, the world’s leading organization fighting antisemitism, has an entire webpage explaining why anti-Zionism is antisemitism in that it attacks the foundational legitimacy of Jewish statehood: “Anti-Zionism is antisemitic, in intent or effect, as it invokes anti-Jewish tropes, is used to disenfranchise, demonize, disparage, or punish all Jews and/or those who feel a connection to Israel, equates Zionism with Nazism and other genocidal regimes, and renders Jews less worthy of sovereignty and nationhood than other peoples and states.”

But there is no need to invoke the ADL’s definition of antisemitism, because Cornell, like every other educational institution in America, has already been supplied with a definition to use by the Department of Education.

When considering violations of Title VI involving accusations of antisemitism, federal agencies are required Under Executive Order 13899 to consider the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism and the IHRA’s contemporary examples of antisemitism. This means that Cornell, too, must consider the IHRA definition when assessing whether an incident on campus qualifies as antisemitism.


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The Left is Trying to Redefine Anti-Zionism to Excuse Antisemitism


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