Rachel Maddow Suggests Trump Voters Support Him Because They Want a Dictator

2024-01-24 06:00:54

Fresh off of denying MSNBC viewers the opportunity to hear Trump’s remarks after winning the Iowa Caucuses, Rachel Maddow joined former Joe Biden employee Jen Psaki on Tuesday to suggest that Trump voters want a dictator, and that’s why they support him.

Don’t you love it when someone who wouldn’t be caught dead voting Republican presumes to speak for Republican voters?

FOX News reports:

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow predicts country doomed if Trump wins again: ‘That’s the end of politics’

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow claimed Monday that former President Trump’s re-election pitch is that he will be a strongman leader who will end politics in the U.S. if given the chance.

“Donald Trump is not leading the Republican Party and leading the Republican field of candidates because of his youthful vigor or because of his eloquence. None of that is going on,” Maddow told Jen Psaki, the former White House press secretary for President Biden and her current colleague at MSNBC.

Maddow argued that Trump is increasingly being honest about his dictatorial ambitions to his base.

“What he’s offering is what he both inherently offers and now, more and more, explicitly offers, which is that ‘if you pick me, that’s the end of politics,’” Maddow said.

The MSNBC anchor summarized the deal that American voters would get in the scenario that Trump wins the 2024 election and causes, in her view, the collapse of the American political system.

“You won’t have to deal with politics anymore. You won’t have to deal with contested elections. You won’t have to deal with contests or divisions when it comes to power. You’ll have a strongman leader, and I’ll just do what I want. Won’t that be a lot simpler?” Maddow said, paraphrasing Trump’s re-election pitch.

Former CNN potato Brian Stelter was clearly impressed with all this ‘news’ coverage and posted the video to Twitter/X:

Other people offered their thoughts.

This is just the continuation of a mental breakdown for Maddow that began on election night in 2016.

If Trump pulls off another win in November, Maddow may need to retire to a quiet place that offers basket weaving.

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Rachel Maddow Suggests Trump Voters Support Him Because They Want a Dictator


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