UCLA Medical Students Required to Attend Lecture With Speaker Praising ‘Mama Earth’ and Leading Chants of ‘Free Palestine’

2024-04-05 10:00:09

Medical students at UCLA were required to attend a class on ‘structural racism’ that featured a speaker who went on at length about ‘Mama Earth’ and led chants of ‘Free Palestine.’

We have been following the left’s efforts to embed social justice and DEI in the study of medicine. Professor Jacobson has written about it extensively. It’s a disturbing development.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

UCLA Med School Requires Students To Attend Lecture Where Speaker Demands Prayer for ‘Mama Earth,’ Leads Chants of ‘Free Palestine.’

In a mandatory course on “structural racism” for first-year medical students at the University of California Los Angeles, a guest speaker who has praised Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on Israel led students in chants of “Free, Free Palestine” and demanded that they bow down to “mama earth,” according to students in the class and audio obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia, who has referred to the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks as “justice,” began the March 27 class by leading students in what she described as a “non-secular prayer” to “the ancestors,” instructing everyone to get on their knees and touch the floor—”mama earth,” as she described it—with their fists.

At least half of the assembled students complied, two students said. Gray-Garcia, a local activist who had been invited to speak about “Housing (In)Justice,” proceeded to thank native tribes for preserving “what the settlers call L.A.,” according to audio obtained by the Free Beacon, and to remind students of the city’s “herstory.”

The prayer also included a benediction for “black,” “brown,” and “houseless people” who die because of the “crapatalist lie” of “private property.”

“Mama earth,” Gray-Garcia told the kneeling students, “was never meant to be bought, sold, pimped, or played.”

Listen to the audio below:

FOX News spoke to people who witnessed this and were less than impressed:

A mandatory “structural racism” class at The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA led a prayer to Mother Earth, which disturbed some who attended the lecture.

The UCLA Jewish Faculty Resilience Group spoke to numerous witnesses from the lecture and penned a letter to the administration Friday, calling for an “urgent and thorough external review” of its curriculum to put an end to “political indoctrination.”

“We write to bring to your attention disturbing events that unfolded two days ago on the UCLA campus… based on the first-hand eyewitness reports presented to us by multiple first-year students,” the letter, signed by Professors Kira Stein and Elina Veytsman from the medical center as well as David Mimmer from the law school, said…

A witness of the event who spoke to Fox News Digital on the condition of anonymity described experiencing intense feelings about the “idolatry.”

“I was very deeply offended and disgusted,” the witness said.

This is insanity and it doesn’t belong anywhere near the study of medicine.


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UCLA Medical Students Required to Attend Lecture With Speaker Praising ‘Mama Earth’ and Leading Chants of ‘Free Palestine’


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