Election Is About Beating ‘Authoritarian Forces’ Rallying Around Trump

2024-03-12 19:59:09

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-CA) said Tuesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that the election in November was about beating “the authoritarian forces that have rallied around” former President Donald Trump.

When asked about special counsel Robert Hur’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents, Raskin said, “All of that hypothetical speculation and second-guessing of his own decision really does seem to veer outside the proper boundaries of prosecutorial conduct.”

He continued, “It does seem as if he was bending over backward to send a political message to his allies in the Republican Party that although there weren’t grounds to go forward for criminal prosecution, he was going to throw them a bone.”

Raskin added, “I think that President Biden just wiped all of that stuff out. He is framed what this election and what this administration is about. It’s about defending democracy and freedom. And as I said today, it is a memory test, but it’s not a memory test for President Biden. It’s a memory test for America. Do we remember Fascism? Do we remember Nazism and Communism and Totalitarianism? Do we know what we’re up against in terms of the authoritarian forces that have rallied around Donald Trump, including Victor Orban, who had a slumber party at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend? He came out pronouncing how pleased he was that Donald Trump had said he would not give one penny to the people of Ukraine, resisting Orban’s friend Vladimir Putin’s filthy imperialism, bloody invasion, and war against the people of Ukraine. That’s what the election is about. That’s the real memory test.”

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Election Is About Beating ‘Authoritarian Forces’ Rallying Around Trump


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