Climate – The Movie (The Cold Truth)

2024-04-01 06:00:08

Earlier this month, I noted that the CO2 Coalition had joined the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), and the Heartland Institute had presented the American premiere of Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth).

Climate: The Movie is an engaging and informative review of the other side’s perspectives on the climate change debate. It is supported by scientists who have signed Clintel’s World Climate Declaration, which states that there is no climate emergency.

I had a chance to sit down and watch the film this week. I am delighted to report that it was one of the most engrossing documentaries I have ever viewed. As advertised, the movie documents the cold, hard truth about how the climate change narrative arose and why its supporters are bitterly clinging to their beliefs about carbon dioxide and its impact on global warming. Here is the video from YouTube (and a link to Rumble is HERE in case eco-activists make it disappear from YouTube).

Climate: The Movie intersperses interviews with a wide array of experienced scientists (astrophysicists, climatologists, geologists) with fun video clips and clear graphics to make the case that the only crisis is the hysteria created in the wake of Big Government’s drive to push a narrative to extend its power and influence.

These experts argue that there is no “consensus” and the science is not “settled.”

The presentation of information and ideas is divided into three main parts: the science related to global warming, how Big Government funding actually created “global warming,” and the current political and policy consequences of climate crisis hysteria.

For example, in the first portion of the science, the documentary meticulously covers four reliable temperature change measurements (rural surface stations, ocean gauges, satellite readings, and atmospheric balloons). The four different show that all the “expert” reports and models from the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are mostly based on sites within large cities and, therefore, subject to distortions in the record by the urban heat island effect.

One bit I enjoyed learning from this film was the connection between cosmic rays and cloud formation.

High-energy radiation from space, known as galactic cosmic rays, can affect Earth’s climate by increasing cloud cover and causing an “umbrella effect”, according to scientists.

Besides atmospheric temperature and the amount of water vapour in the air, cosmic rays beaming down through space also contribute towards cloud formation. This is particular during Earth’s geomagnetic reversal — a phenomenon where the planet’s overall magnetic field flips.

The rays can enhance the formation of low-lying clouds or increase the global cloud cover ultimately leading to the cooling of Earth’s atmosphere.

The Sun’s influence cannot be discounted, as noted by Dr. Willie Soon (researcher at the Solar and Stellar Physics Division of the Center for Astrophysics—Harvard & Smithsonian).

The next phase of the movie delves into how climate change morphed into a global industry. It began when former Vice President Al Gore directed $2 billion into climate change research. That gave academics all sorts of reasons to rework grant proposals on diverse subjects, including global warming hysteria.

Dr. Roy Spencer, a climatologist/meteorologist who has worked with NASA and analyzed global temperatures using data obtained from satellites, explained:

The United States Congress only funds research into problems.

…If Congress is willing to pay you to find evidence of global warming then, by golly, as scientists, we’re going to find evidence of it. Because that’s what we’re being paid to do.

And, guess what….if you don’t find evidence — or, say, the evidence suggests it’s not a problem….your funding ends.

This totally corrupts the way we look at the science.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the film was watching these hard-working scientists recount the professional ostracism they experienced when they published data challenging the climate change narratives.

For example, Dr. Henrik Svensmark of the Danish Space Institute had climate cultists call, demanding he not be hired for jobs. I think you can see the hardship of the situation in his eyes as he explained what happened when he shared his truth that the Sun impacts climate.

The third portion of the film shows how globalist bureaucrats have used the climate crisis to drive policy and micromanage personal lifestyle choices regarding clothes, food, shelter, and transportation. Trillions of dollars are spent on an industry devoted to solving a crisis that does not exist.

While the third part, highlighting the battle between climate and freedom, starts grimly, it ends on a high note: the Farmers’ Protests, which we have been covering at Legal Insurrection.

Many working people are not merely skeptical, but positively angry about the climate alarm and all that flows from it.

There is a suspicion…or perhaps realization…that climate change is an invented scare, driven by self interest and snobbery, cynically promoted by a parasitic, publicly funded establishment hungry for ever more money and power: An assault on the freedom and prosperity of the rest of us.

I give the movie six stars out of 5: The extra star is being provided for making the science data accessible and understandable for most people (as well as the fun movie clips).

I urge anyone who has seen it to give a “thumbs up” on YouTube or on the Internet Movie DataBase.

Finally, please share this film widely and often.

In conclusion, The big government created the climate change crisis, not carbon dioxide.


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Climate – The Movie (The Cold Truth)


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