Biden EPA Issues Rules That Will Push Heavy-Duty Vehicles Toward Electric

2024-03-29 12:00:22

They are doing all they can to force electric vehicles on us. The hybrid vehicles weren’t enough.

The EPA’s “national greenhouse gas pollution standards for heavy-duty vehicles, such as freight trucks and buses,” will push them to become an electric vehicle fleet.

The agency started the nonsense a year ago.

The rules’ PDF is 1,155 pages long. No one has time to read this drivel. Of course, that’s done on purpose because they can slip in a bunch of crap.

You guys. They genuinely live on FANTASY ISLAND.

The Biden administration wants the changeover to hit model years 2027 through 2032:

The standards will avoid 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions and provide $13 billion in annualized net benefits to society related to public health, the climate, and savings for truck owners and operators. The final standards will also reduce dangerous air pollution, especially for the 72 million people in the United States who live near truck freight routes, bear the burden of higher levels of pollution, and are more likely to be people of color or come from low-income households.

The “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles – Phase 3” standards will provide greater certainty for industry, while catalyzing private investment, supporting U.S. manufacturing jobs in advanced vehicle technologies, and invigorating and strengthening the U.S. economy. Over the next decade, these final standards, paired with President Biden’s historic Investing in America agenda and investments in U.S. manufacturing, will set the U.S. heavy-duty sector on a trajectory for sustained growth.

The manufacturers have to “deploy clean heavy-duty vehicle technologies.”

Is anyone else tired of the word clean? I AM.

I just traveled to Santa Fe and Zion National Park from Oklahoma City. That’s a 14-hour drive. We saw a ton of heavy-duty vehicles on I-40 alone!

Gas stations? The attendants told heavy-duty vehicle owners to move if they weren’t fueling because they didn’t have enough pumps for them.

WHERE is the infrastructure?! America doesn’t have enough charging stations for tiny electric vehicles!

Yes, let’s slow down the supply chain even more.

What a bunch of idiotic non-realistic morons. COME ON.

It gets worse. The EPA claims that these “greenhouse gas emissions are the primary driver of climate change and its impacts, including more severe heat waves, drought, sea level rise, extreme climate and weather events, coastal flooding, and catastrophic wildfires.”

They forgot to add CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER. Mass hysteria!

No, the primary driver of climate change is Mother Nature. The climate is always changing. The climate has changed consistently since the beginning of time.

At least the Hip Hop Caucus is happy. Yes, we have a Hip Hop Caucus.

“Hip Hop Caucus is encouraged by EPA’s new federal emissions standards for trucks, which will reduce the harmful air pollution that disproportionately affects Black, Brown, Indigenous and low-income communities near ports, roadways and highways,” said Russell Armstrong, Senior Director of Campaigns and Advocacy at the Hip Hop Caucus. “This is a meaningful step in the right direction. We will continue to work with EPA to make sure that clean vehicles are accessible and affordable for all.”


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Biden EPA Issues Rules That Will Push Heavy-Duty Vehicles Toward Electric


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