Black Chicago Residents Want City Officials to Remove Sanctuary City Status

2024-01-28 13:00:52

It appears that the utopia associated with being a “Sanctuary City” isn’t exactly what was advertised.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott’s move to bring the border to Blue States is arguably one of the most transformative moves a state executive has taken in the history of the nation. Now that the true scope of the illegal immigration crisis is descending on “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States,” some Democrats are now clamoring for the designation–and it’s associated policies–to be ended.

Take Chicago, for example.

Government employee Cata Truss told “Fox News @ Night” Democrat voters like her are growing increasingly frustrated with the party’s handling of the issue.

“There is no moneys to take care of the migrants, nor is there moneys to take care of the people that are there. And so we have a mess on our hands,” Truss said Wednesday.

Truss argued Windy City residents are upset over low income communities and schools being “divested in” while funds are used for the care of migrants instead.

“This is the sentiment from the city of Chicago: We would like to have our status as a sanctuary city removed,” she said. “We would also like to see a better plan in place.”

Truss said she tried to reach out to Democratic elected officials in the city to sit down with her and other members of the community to discuss the situation, but “no one was willing” to talk.

“If you are all not willing to sit down with us, if you’re not willing to talk to us, why should we continue to support you?” she said. “A lot of us [Democrats] are jumping ship.”

MSNBC, hardly a bastion of conservative ideology, is now sounding the alarm that the Biden administration’s disastrous approach to the immigration crisis is going to substantially undermine Democrat party efforts in November. Katy Tur spoke with Truss, who filed a lawsuit against Chicago over the migrant crisis.

Truss: “Democratic Party, we are watching you. We are disappointed. We are angry. We are offended. And we feel like we are being mistreated, misused. and disrespected. We will not continue to be disrespected by the Democratic Party. As I said yesterday, and I’ll say today and tomorrow, if you are an independent candidate, Green Party candidate, Republican candidate, now is your time in this city.

Truss was also involved with the lawsuits brought by black Chicago residents that have forced the city to abandon plans to use community buildings as migrant shelters.

Chicago is struggling to care for more than 35,000 asylum-seekers bussed in from the border by Texas Governor Greg Abbott over the past 18 months.

Shelters in converted warehouses are filled to the brim with new arrivals living in poor conditions, leading to the city commandeering other venues.

Among them was a field house at Amundsen Park, in Austin, where local youth are kept out of trouble playing football and kids go to daycare.

Residents were furious their neighborhood’s ‘crown jewel’ would be taken away to house migrants and after protests failed, a few tried something else.

….Truss said she was also angry Mayor Brandon Johnson’s government shelled out more than $250 million caring for migrants when her community is in poverty.

‘There’s a humanitarian crisis in the black community. But every time we have a need in our community, we’re told that there are no funds. There’s no money for us,’ she told The Free Press.

As a result of the lawsuits, Chicago was forced to to abandon plans to use community buildings as migrant shelters.

If the Democrats think they will be able to persuade these Chicago residents to blame Gov. Abbott, they are mistaken. They blame Biden.

Another [lawsuit] was filed by former Texas U.S. House of Representatives candidate J. Darnell Jones, a Democrat, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) strategist and reparations proponent who lives in Chicago’s South Side.

“What the Democratic Party doesn’t want Black people to hear is that this is a Biden policy,” Jones told The Free Press. “Biden is allowing the borders to remain open.”

The 52-year-old said the influx hit home for him and his neighbors, some 94 percent of whom are Black, when a local abandoned high school intended by locals to become a community center was instead reformulated into a migrant shelter.

“There was just this level of disgust,” Jones said. “The community has wanted this building back for so long, and now you want to use in this way that would be harmful? There was no way we were going to stand for that.

“They say it’s Abbott. But these migrants couldn’t even be getting through if it wasn’t for Biden.”

If significant political change can occur in Chicago and/or Illinois, then the Biden era should be considered “transformative” . . . just not in the way Biden’s former boss meant.


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Black Chicago Residents Want City Officials to Remove Sanctuary City Status


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