The Academic Left is Making Their Hatred of Israel Personal

2024-04-04 07:00:01

The left embraced the idea of ‘you are either with us or against us’ over Trump. Now they’re doing the same thing over Israel.

Phyllis Chesler writes at the Jewish News Syndicate:

The antisemitic mob by any other name

In the aftermath of Oct. 7, Western cities have been inundated by loud, sometimes violent, masked zombie-like pro-Hamas mobs. They glue and chain themselves to roads and bridges; interrupt public events; storm museums, classrooms, churches and synagogues; and deface Israeli, Jewish and pro-Israel restaurants. And, of course, the mobs call for the death of the Jews and the extermination of Israel. The sight of Jewish blood and the burned corpses of Jews seems to have enraptured and unleashed Jew-haters worldwide.

Many of these protestors are well-funded by the same sources that pay for the indoctrination of American professors, students, student organizations, the media and non-profits.

But there is another kind of harassment that academics and pro-Israel advocates and activists have been facing. It is more private and personal but equally invasive and invidious. We are being berated, bullied and condemned face-to-face or via email by other academics and activists, some of whom we’ve worked with for decades.

I do not seek to “talk” to those whose views I already know are profoundly anti-Zionist and antisemitic. I am too busy for such private and dinner table dialogues. I am careful not to poke the bear or the beehive. But since Oct. 7, long-time “comrades” have been unable to resist privately castigating me for my thought crimes. This is their own petty form of mob harassment.

One woman, a red-diaper baby I’ve known since 1971, began writing articles accusing Israel of every imaginable crime. Apparently, she felt compelled to do so because of the articles I’ve been writing. I quietly removed her from my mailing list and, when she called, I told her that we could never discuss Israel or Judaism.

Then, I received an unsolicited email from a longtime colleague. She asked whether I had lost my mind or was misinformed due to my support for Israel and the IDF. “Would [I] object to removing Netanyahu so that a two-state solution could be achieved?” she demanded to know.


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The Academic Left is Making Their Hatred of Israel Personal


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