“Chuck Schumer is fighting to prevent Hamas from being destroyed. It’s disgraceful. He will never live this down.”

2024-03-15 18:02:51

I appeared earlier today on the Tony Katz Show. I’ve been on Tony’s show many times, and it’s always a fun and interesting time.

This time we mostly talked about the decision in the Trump-Georgia case seeking disqualification of Prosecutor Fani Willis and her lover and special prosecutor Nathan Wade. At the time of the segment, we knew of the decision, but had not heard that Wade had withdrawn from the case to allow his special someone and cash machine to stay on the case.

You can hear the entire segment in the embeded audio at the bottom of this post.

The last three minutes were spent talking about Chuck Schumer’s attack on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for new elections in Israel and putting Netanyahu on par with Hamas as an obstacle to peace.

As I wrote on March 9, the Biden administration and many Democrats, are using the old Obama playbook of attacking Netanyahu because he refuses to capitulate to American political weakness in the face of vile Islamist butchers, Biden Admin, Like Obama Before It, Has Found An Enemy It’s Willing To Fight: Bibi Netanyahu:

The Obama administration hated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the fire of a thousand Suns, because Bibi would not bow to the Obama “grand bargain” to hand the region to Iran. What infuriated Obama more than anything is that a large percentage of Americans supported Bibi’s position and saw in him something Obama and his VP Joe Biden lacked: A strong leader willing to fight against the enemies of Israel, and America.

Team Obama runs the Biden administration’s foreign policy, so the hate remains. Team Biden wants to force a ceasefire on Israel, leaving Hamas in control of Gaza, and Netanyahu will not capitulate….

On cue, the color revolution in Israel against Netanyahu has heated up dramatically, recalling the weeks and months leading up to October 7 when Israel was paralyzed by the expertly organized hysteria over judicial reform. The Biden administration was closely aligned with those protests ….

The anti-Netanyahu fervor has been mostly kept under the surface since October 7, but now it’s bubbled up as the Biden administration is openly attacking Netanyahu. You think it’s a coincidence? I don’t.

Schumer’s attack on Netanyahu must be viewed in the context of the Biden administration’s regime change agenda in Israel. Many other Democrat Senators have made attacks on Netanyahu, including Chris Van Holen from Maryland, who is increasingly looking like Hamas’ greatest defender in the Senate:

Mary covered Schumer’s hit job because I was unavailable:

“I’m biting my tongue out of respect for Professor Jacobson so I don’t unleash my true feelings toward Sen. Chuck Schumer.”

There was no reason to bite your tongue – there is almost no level of scorn that would be too much.

I didn’t bite my tongue in the final three minutes on Tony’s show, and if he invites me back, I’ll be happy to expand:

[Transcript auto-generated, may contain transcription errors.]

Katz (00:00):

Before I let you go, talking to William Jacobson, Cornell law professor, legalinsurrection.com. I wanted to ask you about Chuck Schumer, the Senator from New York, and his commentary about having elections. Israel should have elections and get rid of Netanyahu. Netanyahu is the problem. You have been certainly outspoken about being Jewish, about support for Israel. You’re on lists of people who are influencers in this space. You have dealt with threats because of it. Your take on Chuck Schumer calling for a new election in the middle of a war and getting engaged in Israeli politics?

WAJ (00:49):

So you’re only going to leave me a minute or two to completely rant on Chuck Schumer. <laugh>. Have me back for a 30-minute segment, please.

It’s disgusting what he did. It’s pandering. It’s pandering to the anti-Israel Democratic base, the pro-Hamas vote in Michigan. It is the worst thing he could possibly have done because he’s trying to divide the Jewish community. He knows there’s in the American Jewish community, which is overwhelmingly liberal, he knows there’s some dislike for Netanyahu. And what he’s trying to do, he’s trying to separate Israel and Netanyahu, which has been Biden administration policy. I wrote about this about two weeks ago, that’s where they’re going to distinguish. ‘Well, we hate Netanyahu, but we love Israel.’ Well, they’re in the middle of a war, okay?

And why do they hate Netanyahu so much right now? It’s because he’s refusing to capitulate to the American President and the American Secretary of State who want Hamas to survive. They do. You can’t read their actions any other way.

Hamas now exists only in Raffa, four battalions by all counts, which is thousands of Hamas fighters. That’s where the leadership is. That’s where the hostages are. And all of American policy for the last two to three weeks, maybe month, has been to try to bully Israel into not finishing off Hamas. And now Chuck Schumer steps in and picks up that cudgel and he hits Netanyahu over the head. And why is he hitting net over the head? Is because he’s been too uncompromising.

I think there’s going to be a huge, there is a huge backlash to this. I think what Schumer did is disgraceful. He’s trying to walk it back.

Too late, Chuck, you will not walk it back. Your legacy will be that you betrayed not just the Jewish people, but you betrayed Western civilization and your own country with these comments at a critical moment in history. Because let’s face it, the people Israel is fighting in Gaza and elsewhere are enemies of the United States. They are enemies of Western civilization.

What they did on October 7th, they would do to us in a heartbeat if they could. And Chuck Schumer is fighting to prevent them from being destroyed. It’s disgraceful. He will never live this down.

Katz (03:04):

Next time I give you the full 30 minutes, that’s all there is to it. That is William Jacobson Cornell Law professor legalinsurrection.com.

Schumer is trying to walk it back, but too late.

Biden and many Democrat Senators have praised and embraced Schumer’s attack on Netanyahu. Nothing is coincidence. This is Obama 2015 all over again.

Israel reportedly is ramping up its domestic production of armaments, but it will take years to replace a meaningful part of the American defense industry production supply. Israel should hurry, we are no longer a reliable ally, we treat our allies worse than our enemies.


Here is the full segment, including analysis of the Fani Willis decision:


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“Chuck Schumer is fighting to prevent Hamas from being destroyed. It’s disgraceful. He will never live this down.”


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