Morning Joe Crew Lose Their Minds Over Special Counsel Describing Biden as ‘Elderly Man With a Poor Memory’

2024-02-09 06:00:51

I’d say the meltdown is delicious, but if anything happens, we get Kamala Harris.

Still, though. It’s hilarious watching people spin Special Counsel Ben Hur’s report regarding President Joe Biden’s classified documents.

Hur described Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

The Morning Joe crew on MSNBC has gone ballistic this morning. I’m seriously trying to find the words but cannot stop laughing.

Also, I’m not shocked the crew went overboard because everyone knows Biden loves Morning Joe.

Joe Scarborough, who is buddies with Biden, couldn’t believe Hur would allow people to know the truth about the president:

SCARBOROUGH: “I gotta stop right here. I know we want to go on and finish this report, but I just have to start. Ken — Ken Dilanian, so bizarre. There were so many people who immediately heard these random conclusions, irrelevant conclusions, politically charged, Trump-like ramblings. First of all, I wondered why in the world he’d put that in the report, his neurological assessment of Joe Biden; and secondly, why Merrick Garland would release garbage like that in the Justice Department report. Can you give us any insight? Because it sure sounds like James Comey in 2016 who, July, couldn’t indict Hillary Clinton legally, so he decided to hold a press conference and indict her politically.”

NBC journalist John Heilemann admits on national TV that as a “simple journalist,” he could have found a way to say an “elderly man with a poor memory” without saying it.

You know, spin it in Biden’s favor. I’d love to read everything Heilemann has written and find out how much of the truth he has spun:

HEILEMANN: “Well, first, Joe, I’ll say that, literally, before we started the program, I was saying to Chuck Rosenberg sitting here, can you explain to me how this is different from what Jim Comey did in — what we think of 2016 as Comey I, his first intercession in the election, in the case you’re referring to in July, I think, of 2016, when he did what you just said. I, like you, am old enough to remember when prosecutors either charged someone and issued a charging document, or they issued a declension. And declension was one sentence, which is, ‘We decline to prosecute.’ Chuck will talk about something I don’t know much about, and the difference between back in those days when we had the independent counsel statute and what we have now, when we have the special counsels and what the regulations are and what they have to do. I will say that without — there’s no doubt in my mind that this special prosecutor could have written the same report without using these words: ‘Elderly man with a poor memory.’ Like you, I’m a simple country journalist. I can find a lot of different ways to say this without saying something like that.”

Does anyone else have a hard time believing Rep. Goldman? I don’t:

GOLDMAN: “I have had a number of conversations with President Biden over the last couple years, including on October 7th, the day before this interview, when I was in Israel and he called me. His mastery and understanding of the geopolitical situation on the ground in Israel and in the surrounding region was remarkable. He was recounting to me all the various different things they had done in the first couple hours of the war. He was completely on top of everything that was going on. And his experience, because of his age and his wisdom, has been invaluable to this country as we have navigated through the Russia/Ukraine war and now the Middle East. So there is a flip side to the age thing, which Joe Biden has demonstrated very well over the last couple years.”

Goldman didn’t stop sucking up to Biden:

GOLDMAN: “No, I don’t have any concerns. That’s from personal interactions. He’s got a terrific team around him. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. And he has, even recently, completely dominated the Republicans. You look at the Fiscal Responsibility Act. He did a fabulous job. My understanding is that he was behind the scenes, and because of his experience negotiating over so many different years, he knew exactly where the negotiation was going to go and he took Kevin McCarthy’s shirt. I think President Biden is incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, wise, and I don’t have concerns about his age. Remember, the job of the president is to guide our country, it is not to be a cheerleader for the United States. It is to govern our country. And I think when you see the juxtaposition of how he handled this case, fully cooperating, respecting the rule of law, respecting the independence of the Department of Justice, and you juxtapose that with Donald Trump, what you see is someone who really cares about our country and cares about our democracy, juxtaposed and opposite to a criminal, to someone who is clearly out for himself, does not believe the law applies to him, and is a danger to this country. That’s the choice that the American people will have.”


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