Anti-Israel Protesters Allegedly Assault Student Outside Emory University’s Chabad

2024-04-03 10:30:59

It’s never been about Palestine. It’s never been about Israel.

It’s always been about Jews.

Emory Students for Justice in Palestine (ESJP) protested outside the Emory Chabad due to a dinner and talk with an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Reservist Commander.

An Emory law student claimed one of the protesters assaulted him:

The law student, who requested to remain anonymous due to safety concerns, brought his car adorned with American and Israeli flags to the Chabad house parking lot. The student said he was holding an Israeli flag at the Chabad fence when the assault occurred.

“Multiple guys came up to me from the bottom [of the fence], and they reached through the fence to grab the flag because I was on my side of the line,” the student said. “They punched me in the stomach, grabbed the flag and started a back and forth, and then one of them spit at me. And then I went to the cops, and apparently one of the guys that engaged in that had flashed his gun that he was carrying.”

Elijah Brawner (26T), who helped organize the protest, stated that the men who allegedly assaulted the student were not affiliated with Emory or ESJP. The men appeared to be beyond college age.

It doesn’t change the student’s accusation.

Brawner claimed no one touched the law student.

“They grabbed his flag. They pull on the flag, he pulls the flag back,” claimed Brawner.

The protesters used all the typical words and phrases:

Organizers took turns leading chants such as, “Free, free, Palestine, long live Palestine,” “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” “There is only one solution, intifada revolution” and “Long live the intifada.” “Intifada” is a word for an uprising that is used to describe periods of Palestinian militant attacks on Israel throughout history. Protestors also chanted “Baby killers” toward students standing on the Chabad lawn.

One lady had a great description (#sarcasm) of the Jewish students trying to drown out the protesters:

“The Israeli terrorists started chanting and playing their music during that, which was very, very disrespectful,” said Saturn Williams, a student at Chattahoochee Technical College (Ga.) who heard about the protest through the Atlanta branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Although Williams arrived 10 to 15 minutes before people began dispersing from the protest, they noticed the “cops interrogating” a “man of color.”


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Anti-Israel Protesters Allegedly Assault Student Outside Emory University’s Chabad


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