Macalester College Students Held ‘Die-In,’ Demanding School End Study Abroad Programs With Israeli Universities

2024-03-26 07:00:19

Idiots. All of the students participating in these protests stupidly think they’re the good guys.

Macalester College protesters stage 48-hour ‘Die-In,’ demand school cancel study abroad programs with Israeli universities

Macalester College students held a “die-in” on March 5 in an effort to protest the school’s ties with study abroad programs in Israel.

Students with the Mac for Palestine Coalition held the 48-hour “die-in” at Macalester College’s Center for Study Away, urging the school to cut ties with Israeli universities, according to Fight Back News.

The coalition said they intended to occupy the space until their demands received acknowledgment and action, according to The Mac Weekly.

According to the student newspaper, the protesters pretended to be dead while on the ground of the office. Protesters also held signs that called for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, in addition to their demand for Macalister to end its relationship with both Hebrew University and the University of Haifa in Israel.

Protesters held signs reading “History will judge you,” “No more Genocide,” and “Education not Occupation,” according to a video posted by the coalition.

Gabe, a member of Mac for Palestine told Mac Weekly the coalition’s primary concern regarding Macalester’s collaborations with Israeli universities, emphasizing Israel’s strategic intent to foster relationships with international students while inhibiting academic ties with Palestinians.

Despite no evidence of the University of Haifa and Hebrew University discouraging interactions with Palestinian scholars, Mac for Palestine argued that these universities’ involvement in Israeli military programs, particularly hosting the Israeli Defense Force’s “Havatzalot” program, was opposite to Macalester’s cause.

Support increased as the protest ensued, with approximately 50 individuals participating in the occupation of the CSA. Notably, many faculty members reportedly expressed solidarity with the protesters, engaging in discussions amidst the chants echoing through the building.

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Macalester College Students Held ‘Die-In,’ Demanding School End Study Abroad Programs With Israeli Universities


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