A Video of October 7 Massacre I Will Not Forget

2024-02-24 18:00:00

We’ve covered the Hamas and Palestinian “civilian” butchery on October 7 in exhaustive detail, including some extremely gory images and video. Some of it we saved on our own for fear social media companies would take them down, which happened in the early days after the massacre, but doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

I knew I had not seen everything. I’ve not seen the 45-minute film the Israeli government has shown to thousands of journalists, diplomats, and others at organized gatherings. That film is not public, but from descriptions, many of the atrocities documented were described in a way that made me think I’d already seen that piece of video.

Today is 20 weeks since October 7. Many people are posting video and images of that day (see lower in the post for some examples).

But there was one piece of video I had not seen, that I saw for the first time. It’s not the most gruesome, but it’s particularly disturbing. I don’t know if I’ll ever forget it.

It’s a video of Gaza “civilians” dragging the body of an almost completely naked and apparently dead Israeli woman through the streets on a motorcycle.

They bragged about it in Gaza, and treated the bodies of dead woman as trophies:

This still image appears to be a dead body of a man on the back of another motorcycle (version dated Oct. 7 here):

Israeli “reportedly” is getting ready to strike a deal with Hamas for a 6-week ceasefire in exchange for 35-40 of the 120 hostages still held by Hamas, other terror groups, and Palestinian “civilians.” If that is the deal, it’s a victory for Hamas. They survive unlike the girl being dragged on that motorcycle, and they continue to hold almost 80 hostages. I hope these reports are wrong, but Israeli is under immense combined pressure from the Biden administration and the families of the hostages who are organizing protests reminiscent of those that paralyzed Israeli society just before October 7.

I’m with Kurt.

Additional images posted today:

From our prior reporting:


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A Video of October 7 Massacre I Will Not Forget


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