Did Hamas Bait the IDF Into Striking the World Central Kitchen Convoy?

2024-04-09 14:30:43

Would anyone be surprised if they did? Hamas regularly hides behind innocent people.

Breitbart News reports:

Report: Hamas May Have Baited IDF Into Striking WCK Convoy in Error

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) called the World Central Kitchen (WCK) after seeing a gunman mount one of its vehicles and fire into the air on Monday evening, but WCK could not reach its employees, according to a report.

That would suggest that Hamas might have tried to ensure that the IDF misidentified the WCK convoy as terrorists — a tactic consistent with Hamas’s use of civilian deaths to generate global pressure on Israel to stop the war in Gaza.

The Jerusalem Post reported that late Monday evening, before the WCK convoy reached a hangar, an IDF drone unit reported seeing a Hamas gunman climb the lead vehicle and fire into the air — a signal used by Hamas terrorists.

The IDF apparently called off airstrikes on the convoy at that point, and tried calling the aid workers. The Post noted:

As the events developed, the IDF tried to call the aid workers involved in the field and was unable to reach them.

Next, the IDF called the WCK headquarters. The WCK headquarters tried to call its own aid workers in the field, but they did not answer.

When vehicles left the hangar, the IDF drone unit believed that these were not the same vehicles and thought that these were Hamas vehicles or that around four Hamas operatives had joined or taken over the convoy.

The IDF mistook the WCK vehicles for Hamas vehicles because infrared cameras could not see the logo atop the vans.


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Did Hamas Bait the IDF Into Striking the World Central Kitchen Convoy?


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