Alyssa Milano Heckled for Soliciting Donations for Son’s Baseball Team

2024-01-29 11:29:13

Former actress Alyssa Milano is facing some blowback after soliciting donations on social media for her son’s baseball team.

“My son’s baseball team is raising money for their Cooperstown trip,” Milano xweeted last week to her 3.4 million followers. “Any amount would be so greatly appreciated. You can read more about the team and make a donation here[.]”

She links to a GoFundMe requesting $10,000 that has already banked $11,255.

The 51-year-old Milano has so far starred in two successful television series, starting with the sitcom Who’s the Boss? for eight seasons (1984–1992), Six years later came eight seasons of Charmed (1998-2006). Additionally, she’s been married to a successful talent since 2009. Unless she’s squandered all that money and is still squandering the residuals, 16 years of steady TV work puts her safely in the top one percent. That kind of steady employment is ridiculously rare. The luckiest in Hollywood secure one steady TV gig. Two is almost unheard of.

Okay, so maybe she lost all that money. But…

According to the Daily Mail, one day after crying poor mouth, she was out driving a $200,000 “fully-loaded and customized 2023 electric Porsche.”

Okay, maybe it’s not her car. That doesn’t matter. Who rents a $200,000 Porsche when they don’t have enough money to send their kid to Cooperstown? Maybe it’s a friend’s car. Okay, maybe ask that friend for the $10,000. Anyone dumb enough to spend $200,000 on a car — the worst investment on the planet — probably has another $10,000 to throw away.

Milano is claiming she doesn’t have the $10,000…

And yet, 14 months ago, in a political snit over Elon Musk allowing free speech on Xwitter, Milano bragged about trading in her new Tesla for a new electric Volkswagon.

What we have here is typical leftism, which means someone else always has to pay. Thankfully, she is receiving the ridicule she deserves…


Here we are with loser Hollywood elitist Super Lib Alyssa Milano and her talent agent husband, David Bugliari, begging, via a GoFundMe, for people to donate money to their son’s 12U travel baseball team so it can make a cross-country journey to Cooperstown, New York to play at the Dreams Park that every travel ball kid dreams about these days instead of playing in Williamsport at the Little League World Series.

Page Six rounded up some backlash:

“Why isn’t Alyssa Milano paying for the trip for the whole team herself?” one critic wondered, as another echoed, “Why is she asking for money from people who can barely buy groceries.”

“Alyssa Milano has absolutely lost her mind. How out-of-touch and tone deaf can one person possibly be?” someone else asked, while a fourth netizen pointed out that the “Who’s the Boss?” star’s husband, David Bugliari, is also a top executive at talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

“Just a reminder: Alyssa Milano and her husband are both multi-millionaires who,” one Xwitter user noted, “could pay for the entire trip for the whole team without batting an eye!”

How does an American get so out of touch with the reality of everyday life and everyday perception that they do something like this?

This is what happens when celebrities are insulated in Tinseltown and by a fawning entertainment media. When that happens, you lose your moral compass in the belief that you are so precious and perfect that you make everything you do virtuous.

Celebrities have always fallen prey to the velvet bubble, but they once had the studios to protect them from themselves. After the studio system died, publicists and the entertainment media protected them from themselves. With social media, those filters are gone, and we see exactly what dreadful, disconnected, selfish, entitled narcissists they really are.

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Alyssa Milano Heckled for Soliciting Donations for Son’s Baseball Team


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