Top Trump Adviser Expects No Actual Trials During General Election

2024-01-25 15:19:48

Chris LaCivita, co-campaign manager of the Trump campaign, predicted that no trials in any of the four criminal proceedings against former President Donald Trump will take place during the general election while appearing on the Line Drive Podcast with hosts Tim Murtaugh and Hogan Gidley.

In the podcast, which was shared exclusively with Breitbart News ahead of its release, LaCivita told Murtaugh, the communications director for the Trump 2020 campaign, and Gidley – a former White House deputy press secretary in the Trump Administration – he does not “believe that, frankly, we’re gonna see a bunch of trials; I just don’t think we’re gonna see it.”

“I mean, the President’s got a squared away legal team; they’re aggressive. And I think ultimately, at the end of the day, these things will be largely just pushed aside,” he added.

After Murtaugh responded, “You don’t think there are going to be trials?” LaCivita said, “No.”

Trump faces two indictments at the federal level, both coming from investigations headed by special prosecutor Jack Smith, and two at the state level – one in Fulton County, Georgia, and another in New York Couty, New York. All four indictments came within five months of each other and have been followed by efforts to remove Trump from the ballot in various states using the 14th Amendment.

Earlier in their conversation, Murtaugh noted that the indictments helped coalesce support around Trump in the primary, and assuming he is the nominee, asked LaCivita if “most Americans will see these things as a partisan witch hunt” in the general election.

He added that “it certainly is a different dynamic – primary versus general election – in the way that these Democrat prosecutors are going against him.”

“I think the damage to them, quite frankly, has already been done. All of the general election polls that are going on right now have Trump ahead by half a dozen points,” LaCivita said. “But setting aside that, I think that they’ve shown their hand. They have all these bogus political prosecutions.”

He said the left’s “first strategy is to take him out of the race by weaponizing the DOJ, which, I hate to even say, but it is what it is.”

“Then, their backup plan, which is failing spectacularly, was to deny him access to the ballot,” he added. “Talk about just putting your deck of cards, literally your hand, out there for everyone to see. It’s so transparent. They don’t want to face him.”

The Line Drive Podcast is available on all major streaming platforms., including Apple Podcasts. In addition to Murtaugh and Gidley, Trump 2020 campaign veteran Sonny Joy Nelson is a cohost of the show, though she was not on this episode.

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Top Trump Adviser Expects No Actual Trials During General Election


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