Nebraska Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Rural School Districts to Arm Staff Members

2024-04-15 07:00:40

I really don’t understand why this isn’t happening all over the country.

FOX News reports:

Nebraska lawmakers pass bill that would allow smaller school districts to arm staff members

Students in some of Nebraska’s smallest school districts could soon be protected by armed staff, thanks to one of over 100 bills passed by the state legislature last week.

The provision that would allow such staff to carry firearms in schools and at school-related events originally included all districts across the Cornhusker State, but now applies only to those with under 5,000 residents after opposition from some areas of the state led lawmakers to compromise.

“It doesn’t apply to all the schools. This was designed for the rural schools where they didn’t have a resource officer or law enforcement wasn’t readily available,” state Sen. Tom Brewer, who introduced the measure, said, according to a local report.

The measure would enable schools to either hire security or elect a specific member of the school to carry a weapon.

“It can be anyone from the superintendent to the janitor,” Brewer continued, according to the report. Regardless of the choice, those who are armed must undergo training.

Some fear that, without the imminent presence of someone capable of confronting a school shooter in the event of an emergency, law enforcement could otherwise be 15 minutes – or further – away from these rural districts.

It’s among several GOP-led states’ efforts to protect or expand gun rights or firearm safety instruction to protect students and staff, including two measures in Tennessee, one in Iowa and another in New Hampshire.

Despite opposition from some who speculate the expansion of gun rights and access could hinder rather than help safety efforts, these measures have charged ahead.


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Nebraska Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Rural School Districts to Arm Staff Members


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