Democrats Will Win Elections by Inflating Census with Illegal Immigrants in Blue States

2024-04-03 20:47:22

Wednesday, during an appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) explained how he believed Democrats plan to strengthen their chances at maintaining a hold on Congress.

According to the Tennessee Republican, by allowing illegal immigrants to migrate to blue states that are losing population and counting them in the next census, Democrats will gain an advantage over Republicans.

“I think, I think it all gets back to something that I was able to get every Democrat on the record. I put forward legislation three weeks ago suggesting that we not be allowed to count illegal migrants in the census, because right now, these illegal migrants are used to apportion congressional seats, and therefore electoral votes. If you look at the number of people that have flooded into our country just under Joe Biden, that would account for 13 congressional seats, Maria, congressional seats and therefore that many congressional — that many electoral votes.”

“But will those people ultimately vote? Do they want them to vote in the presidential election?” host Maria Bartiromo asked.
“The Democrats win regardless because they still retain congressional power. If you look at the states that are losing population, New York, Illinois, California, where the sanctuary cities located again, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, San Francisco, they just need the people there. In fact, the Congressional Representative from Brooklyn, the same district of James Madison High School where they turned the kids out, so they could put illegal migrants in for housing. She said it on the air, she said I need these illegal migrants for the purposes of redistricting. She doesn’t want to lose her district.”

“And she’s going to repopulate her district with these people that have come here illegally,” he added. “[T]he point here is that they’re taking what had been called a conspiracy theory. And they’re confirming the fact that this is a real conspiracy to basically inflate the votes of those people in these blue districts, and we can dampen the votes in places like states like mine, we don’t have that many illegal migrants. Think about it, you have twice as many illegal migrants in your district, your voters get twice as much vote. It’s a leverage opportunity that’s on America.”

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Democrats Will Win Elections by Inflating Census with Illegal Immigrants in Blue States


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