Trucker Convoy Heading to Southern Border Hotspots to Protest Biden Border Crisis

2024-01-27 15:00:23

Legal Insurrection readers may recall that in early 2022, Canadian truckers organized a massive”Freedom Convoy” that lined the streets of Ottawa and other cities and was the target of highly disgraceful actions by local authorities and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to break it up. The truckers were protesting the stringent and ludicrous covid restrictions that were impacting their ability to operate profitably and that were also detrimental to personal liberties.

Now, two years later, American truckers are organizing a huge convoy that will be heading to the southern border to protest the Biden administration’s complete lack of border control.

A convoy seeks to line the southern border with more than 700,000 vehicles and hold several rallies next week to demand action from the Biden administration.

The Take Our Border Back Southern Border Convoy will span from Virginia Beach, Va. to San Diego, Calif. and hold protests urging officials to enforce the Constitution’s amendments and halt human and drug trafficking across the border from Jan.29-Feb. 3.

The convoy aims to “send a message” to local, state and federal officials and law enforcement that they need to close the border and deport all illegal immigrants in its plan to “shine a spotlight” on open borders. Chambers claims Americans are “besieged on all sides” by evil “dark forces.”

“We have sustained continual bombardments of tyranny and have maintained our honor, prestige and esprit de corps,” Chambers asserted. “The enemy has demanded the surrender of Lady Liberty and her children. Tyrannical actors have tortured and oppressed without cause, without mercy and without reprieve.”

Of course, the leftist (Democrat) media is already painting the truckers as right-wing extremists. As an extra bonus, the administration propagandists are also smearing the participants as religious nuts.

A trucker convoy of “patriots” is heading to the U.S. border with Mexico next week, as the standoff between Texas and the federal government intensifies.
The organizers of the “Take Our Border Back” convoy have called themselves “God’s army” and say they’re on a mission to stand up against the “globalists” who they claim are conspiring to keep U.S. borders open and destroy the country.

. . . . Experts say that the Christian nationalist overtones in this rhetoric adds a dangerous dimension to an already fraught situation.

“When people believe that they are working on behalf of God, they might be willing to resort to relatively extreme measures,” said Ruth Braunstein, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut and author of “Prophets and Patriots: Faith in Democracy Across the Political Divide.” ”And so you have a politically volatile situation that could become much more so, in part because of this rhetoric.”

Painting taxpayers who are protesting woke policies and progressive agendas with the “right-wing extremist” paintbrush is the mainstream media’s only real move at this point. Of course, that brush stroke is going to be quite quite wide, given the level of support Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has achieved for his tough stance against Biden’s border insanity.

I wish the convoy a ton of good luck . . . and hope the weather cooperates for effective demonstrations against Biden’s border chaos.

As one of the final destinations is San Diego, I might have to do some on-scene coverage!

However, I will offer a word of caution to all who may participate in this event.

I offer this advise, from my Tea Party days: Look for infiltrators and absolutely document/photograph/video everything.

As I conclude this piece, I would like to provide an update to the Canadian trucker’s protest of 2022. A Canadian judge has ruled that the government’s use of the Emergencies Act to was unreasonable and unconstitutional.

Up to thousands of protesters clogged the streets of the capital of Ottawa and besieged Parliament Hill, demonstrating against vaccine mandates for truckers and other precautions and condemning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

The act allowed authorities to declare certain areas as no-go zones. It also allowed police to freeze truckers’ personal and corporate bank accounts and compel tow truck companies to haul away vehicles.

Members of the self-styled Freedom Convoy also blockaded U.S.-Canada border crossings in protest. Police arrested 11 people at the blockaded crossing at Coutts, Alberta, opposite Montana, after learning of a cache of guns and ammunition.

In the decision released Tuesday, Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley said the invocation of the Emergencies Act led to the infringement of constitutional rights.

“I conclude that there was no national emergency justifying the invocation of the Emergencies Act and the decision to do so was therefore unreasonable,” Mosley wrote.


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Trucker Convoy Heading to Southern Border Hotspots to Protest Biden Border Crisis


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