Oregon High School Girls Tennis Coaches Resign Because of ‘Boys Playing Girls Tennis’

2024-01-29 18:00:12

David and Judy Brown resigned as head coaches of the girl’s varsity and junior varsity tennis teams at Canby High School in Canby, OR, because of males playing the sport.

From KATU:

“Last night, my wife and I resigned our head coaching positions for varsity and J.V. girls tennis at our high school,” Brown stated Thursday. “I finally reached a point where I had to resign last night because of boys playing girls tennis.”

The coach, who had racked up 667 wins with 423 losses in more than 1,090 tennis and basketball games, argued the mix in competition is “wrong on every level.”

“We’re just not going to support boys playing girls sports,” Brown affirmed. “These are not girls. They’re boys saying they’re girls. They’re playing a fall sport, come back and playing a girl’s sport and go back to playing a boy’s sport. All they have to do is change the paperwork in the district office.”

“We have boys in the locker room watching girls … get ready for practice or a match or a game. How wrong is that for a girl to have to endure something like that?” continued Brown. “What we would have called five or six years ago somebody going to jail is now acceptable in high schools and middle schools. This is absolutely wrong when a girl has to fear this, but she can’t say anything.”

Brown supports his wife Judy, who he considers a “‘pioneer’ for Title IX.”

Brown also urges other adult males to protect these girls.


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Oregon High School Girls Tennis Coaches Resign Because of ‘Boys Playing Girls Tennis’


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