Could China Unleash a Cyber Pearl Harbor?

2024-02-11 04:50:08

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FBI Director Warns That Chinese Hackers Are Preparing to Inflict “Real-World Harm” on Americans

In his testimony last month before Congress, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that hackers linked to China’s communist regime are targeting “critical” U.S. infrastructure “in preparation to wreak havoc and cause real-world harm to American citizens and communities.”

“If or when China decides the time has come to strike, they’re not focused solely on political or military targets. We can see from where they position themselves, across civilian infrastructure, that low blows aren’t just a possibility in the event of a conflict. Low blows against civilians are part of China’s plan,” Wray said.

Dangers of Cyber Attacks on Our Healthcare System

Cyber-attacks on the U.S. healthcare system have been growing in frequency and impact in the last few years – and these attacks pale in comparison to what a coordinated attack by the Chinese might look like.

Just this past Thanksgiving, a cyber-attack impacted 30 hospitals and 200 sites of care, as the website HealthITSecurity reported:

Ardent Health Services, which owns 30 hospitals and 200 sites of care across six states, confirmed a healthcare cyberattack that occurred on the morning of November 23. Hospitals in multiple states have been forced to divert ambulances amid disruptions caused by the Thanksgiving day cyberattack, CNN first reported.

The impacts of this Thanksgiving cyber-attack were devastating:

“The attacks forced some hospitals to go on diversion, meaning they were unable to accept new patients, while emergency rooms were closed to patients in need of critical time-sensitive lifesaving treatment and forced to delay or cancel surgeries and other critical procedures,” said Greenhalgh.

“We have seen the direct impact on certain patient groups, such as stroke patients, who have minimal time to diagnose clotting or bleeding once admitted into the emergency room. Without proper medical devices, how can a caregiver know which to treat or the severity?”

Chinese Cyber-Attacks Are a Growing Threat to the U.S.

The world is dangerous, and Joe Biden has made us weak on almost every front, but nowhere is that threat more ominous than the threat that Chinese cyber-attacks pose to the United States.

Few industries are more susceptible to attack than our healthcare system, and arguably no sector would have more of an impact on the lives of Americans than our healthcare system.

How Do You Protect Your Family from a Vulnerable Healthcare System? BE PREPARED!

Our healthcare system is at risk from a potential Chinese cyber-attack. We know we can’t count on our government to protect our healthcare system, much less protect individual Americans. So, what can be done?

The solution is to be prepared. That’s where The Wellness Company comes in.

The Wellness Company and its great doctors – like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Drew, Dr. Harvey Risch, and Dr. Jim Thorp – are regularly in the media fighting against the broken medical establishment.

Dr. Thorp, one of the nation’s leading critics of corrupt Big Pharma, believes that now – more than ever – people should be prepared for the next pandemic:

“I’ve strongly recommended “stockpiling” critical medications including antibiotics since the turn of the century. This has been an incredible investment as many friends, family, and patients have benefited. Now, in the winter of 2024, this recommendation is even more crucial.”

The Wellness Company and their doctors are medical professionals that you can trust and their new medical emergency kits are the gold standard when it comes to keeping you safe and healthy.

The Ultimate Safeguard for Your Health

Be ready for the next crisis. This medical emergency kit contains an assortment of life-saving medications – including ivermectin, amoxicillin, and Z-Pak. The Medical Emergency Kit includes a guidebook to aid in the safe use of these life-saving medications.

This kit is prescription-only – you can’t find it in any store or pharmacy. Simply fill out a short questionnaire after purchase and a trusted Wellness Company doctor will confirm your suitability and issue your prescription Medical Emergency Kit.


The Wellness Company Medical Emergency Kit includes:

  • Amoxicillin-Clavulanate (generic Augmentin) 875/125 mg – 28 tablets
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  • Metronidazole (generic Flagyl) 500 mg – 30 tablets
  • Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole (generic Bactrim) 800/160 mg – 28 tablets
  • Ivermectin 18mg – 7 compounded capsules
  • Fluconazole (generic Diflucan) 150 mg – 2 tablets
  • Ondansetron (generic Zofran) 4mg – 6 tablets
  • 1 Emergency Medication Guidebook written by the Chief Medical Board for safe use.

What people are saying about the Medical Emergency Kit:

Excellent Kit! This medical emergency kit is great. Having it “just in case” gives me peace of mind. Highly recommend. Thank you! – Melinda C.

Glad that I purchased your Medical Emergency Kit! Though I haven’t yet needed to use any of the medications that are in our kit, I am happy that I ordered it! One never knows when “an emergency might occur”, and I feel safer having your M.E.Kit at my disposal IF needed! We’re so glad we ordered ours! Thank you for making it available! – Susan M.

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Great medical emergency kit. Kit came as advertised! Neat and orderly. The guide is great. Only plan on using it in an emergency during a difficult time. Confident it is what I was counting on. – Fred D.

Don’t be caught unprepared. Don’t be reliant on the broken and corrupt medical-industrial complex. Don’t regret not acting today.

Order The Wellness Company’s Medical Emergency Kits now!

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Could China Unleash a Cyber Pearl Harbor?


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