Aurora, CO, Rejects Illegal Immigrants From Denver

2024-03-05 14:00:35

Aurora, CO, is not happy with Denver shipping over illegal immigrants.

The city passed a resolution declaring itself a non-sanctuary city.

City council member Danielle Jurinsky said, “We will not be aiding into this migrant crisis.”

Good for them:

The resolution passed 7-3 on Feb. 26 as residents spoke out on both sides of the issue during the city council meeting, with the majority urging the body to reject the measure, The Denver Post reported.

“This is my home. This is my safety. You need to take a reference of it,” said an Air Force veteran in support of the resolution.

The resolution, which includes a call to secure the southern border, states: “The City Council affirms remaining a Non-Sanctuary City and asserts the City does not currently have the financial capacity to fund new services related to this crisis and demands that other municipalities and entities do not systematically transport migrants or people experiencing homelessness to the City.”

The resolution is not a law. The city has already passed a non-sanctuary city resolution.

Jurinsky thought the resolution needed to be passed again to reassert the city’s feelings:

Jurinksy said the point of the resolution was to “make a very strong statement that Aurora is not a sanctuary city. That resolution was actually passed in 2017, so the resolution I brought forward just doubled down on that.”

“This is a resolution, not an ordinance, so it’s not a law,” she explained.

“But we are making the statement that if they are caught doing it, which they were caught red-handed the first time, if they are caught doing it, they had either better send the funding and have a plan for these individuals, or a council person like myself will be extremely vocal and all over the media letting everybody know what Denver is doing.”

Jurinsky pointed out that Aurora citizens must know that the city council won’t abandon them. They’re there to serve the residents.

Jurinsky also tore into the federal government for not doing enough, causing this massive crisis.

I get what Jurinsky is saying concerning the Aurora residents. We’ve heard from many people in Chicago who feel abandoned by the mayor and city council.

The black community yelled at Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson in December because they feel forgotten:

“I’m not for the sanctuary city, and the reason why I’m not for the sanctuary city is because people have waited years to come in here legally,” [Chicago native Lauren Lawrence] she said. “Not just transported on these buses, dropped off in our neighborhood, raise of crime, almost got hit several times just making it down here today. And this is ludicrous. There should not be two sets of laws.”

“Also, the West Side and the South Side Black communities have been earmarked for having funds – never seen it. We’re still waiting those funds to come into those communities,” she continued, taking aim at the new mayor, who just assumed office in May, replacing former Mayor Lori Lighfoot.

“Brandon Johnson, many people stood behind you. They feel let down, because the day you came into office, which I believe was May 15, you already had signed an executive order,” Lawrence said Thursday, referencing Johnson’s Day One order establishing a “deputy mayor for immigrant, migrant and refugee rights.”

Denver has tasted what it’s like to be a sanctuary city. The numerous illegal immigrants shipped to the city have put a strain on the community.

Denver Health has warned that it is on the verge of collapse because of all the illegal immigrants. They don’t have insurance or money:

In 2023, Denver Health provided about $136 million in care that it didn’t receive compensation for, CEO Donna Lynne told the Denver City Council’s finance and government committee last week. That figure includes care to people covered by Medicaid when the rates the program paid didn’t cover the full costs, she said. About $100 million of that went to people living in Denver.


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Aurora, CO, Rejects Illegal Immigrants From Denver


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