California Republicans Will Make Another Attempt to Recall Gov. Newsom

2024-02-27 06:00:56

In my post from Monday morning, I wanted to know if California Gov. Gavin Newsom had better things to do than target other states.

I’m not alone because California Republicans plan to launch a fifth attempt to recall the Democrat governor. The group Rescue California made the announcement today.

Leslie covered the only recall attempt that actually made it to the ballot, which took place in 2020/2021, over the strict COVID regulations and Newsom not applying those regulations to him and his cronies.

The latest complaint is over the state’s deficit, rampant crime, and illegal immigration.

People are not blind to his ambitions:

Proponents of the latest attempt, which is led by Rescue California, pointed to Newsom’s ambitions and his role as a super surrogate for President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign. They contend the governor is too busy occupying himself on national politics while the state is racing to close a massive budget shortfall. Last week, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office projected that the state budget faces a $73 billion deficit, nearly double Newsom’s own forecast.

“Gavin Newsom has abandoned the state to advance his presidential ambitions, leaving behind a $73 billion budget deficit and a public safety, immigration and education crisis,” said Anne Dunsmore, an Orange County fundraiser and the campaign director for Rescue California. She said more than 400 Californians of varying political persuasion have joined together to serve as official proponents of the new recall. That includes others from the last effort such as Orrin Heatlie, the retired county sheriff’s sergeant from Yolo who helped get the ball rolling in 2020.

“California needs a full-time governor who is fully focused on the serious problems the state and its citizens are facing,” Dunsmore said. “This may be our last opportunity to rescue and restore our state, while we highlight for the rest of the country the destruction Newsom has left in his wake.”

Super PACS connected to Newsom has put out so many ads in red states, especially about abortion.

Even Newsom’s response includes abortion. The man is obsessed with the murder of unborn human beings.

I find the ones claiming that California is a bastion of freedom hilarious.

Newsom even wasted his time and money debating Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

California is worse than it was during the last recall attempt. I bet Rescue California can get the 1.38 million verified signatures needed by May to qualify for the statewide ballot in November.


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California Republicans Will Make Another Attempt to Recall Gov. Newsom


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