‘Saturday Night Live’ Host Ramy Youssef Wants Next President to Be a Transgender ‘Woman’

2024-03-31 18:41:58

The next president of United States should be a transgender “woman,” according to comedian Ramy Youssef.

During his opening monologue on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, host Ramy Youssef appeared to be mostly sincere when he said he wants a “trans woman” to occupy the White House.

He later mocked Trump supporters and asked God to “free the people of Palestine.”

Youssef’s opening coincided with President Joe Biden recently declaring Easter Sunday as “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

“I really think our next president should be a woman. You know what I mean?” Youssef said to enthusiastic applause from the live audience, adding, “I think our next president should be a trans woman.”

He noted that the crowd’s approval of the latter statement was slightly less enthusiastic.

Watch below:

“New York’s like, we’re liberal… but we’re Italian,” Youssef said. He also joked that a trans president could campaign on “real change.”

Later, he made fun of Trump supporters, saying that he recently visited upstate New York where he saw “all this Trump stuff. Flags, red hats. I was like, yo, I went north but I’m south, and I could feel it. “

Youssef concluded with an anecdote about praying for a friend whose family is in Gaza.

“My God, please, please help Ahmed’s family. Please stop the suffering. Stop the violence. Please free the people of Palestine. Please.”

As Breitbart News reported, Ramy Youssef used his recent “More Feelings” comedy tour to raise money for aid to Gaza.

At this year’s Oscars, he was among a number of celebrities demanding a “permanent ceasefire” in Gaza, along with Billie Eilish and his Poor Things co-star Mark Ruffalo.

“We’re calling for immediate, permanent ceasefire in Gaza. We’re calling for peace and lasting justice for the people of Palestine,” Youssef said on the red carpet.

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Host Ramy Youssef Wants Next President to Be a Transgender ‘Woman’


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