Illegal Immigrants Invading in Speed Boat Nearly Slam into Surfers in Southern California

2024-04-17 12:00:30

Legal Insurrection readers may recall that at the start of 2024, I reported that a boat load of illegal migrants landed off the shores of the upscale city of La Jolla and proceeded to be picked up by a waiting van. As a reminder:

More than 20 migrants were filmed storming the beach on Wednesday morning and disappearing into the southern California enclave, where homes go for a median price of $2.2million.

The exclusive footage was shot by NewsNation’s National Correspondent Jorge Ventura. It shows the migrants arriving on the shore on some sort of boat, before they take off running into the neighborhood in San Diego, the largest city on the Mexican border.

It happened again this weekend when another band of invaders nearly slammed into surfers as their speed boat landed on the shores of Carlsbad, California (just a few miles up the coast from La Jolla).

A dozen illegal immigrants brazenly arrived in the US by taking a speedboat to a beach in California, nearly hitting people in the water, and then escaping in cars.

The boat missed what appeared to be a surfer in the water by a few feet as it zipped by and approached the beach at very high speed.

After beaching the vessel on the sand, the migrants got out and sprinted towards the row of oceanfront houses on Saturday.

Another video showed them being picked up by waiting black SUVs in Carlsbad, a beach town about 30 miles north of San Diego.

The cars left in such haste that one woman almost fell out as it started moving before she had fully clambered in to the back seats.

Locals who filmed the migrants claimed police were called but didn’t show up.

I find it interesting that a search of the local media pulled up no hits for this event. I had to rely on an X-post and a British publication to pull together this report.

Meanwhile, there has been a surge in these type of landings all along the coast of California.

People have long sneaked into the U.S. by way of the Pacific Ocean, but over the last three years, California has seen an “exponential increase in maritime smuggling,” according to Brandon Tucker, director of Customs and Border Protection’s Air and Marine Operations in San Diego.

In fiscal year 2020, federal, state and local law enforcement recorded 308 maritime smuggling events in the California area of responsibility, according to CBP. Last fiscal year, they recorded 736, a nearly 140% increase.

Air and Marine Operations uses planes equipped with radar and cameras to patrol above, looking for smugglers. Airborne agents are usually the first to find pangas, small fishing boats frequently used to smuggle migrants or drugs to the U.S., Tucker said. Then his team, as well as their Border Patrol and Coast Guard partners, can coordinate intercepting the boat at sea or on land.

Now non-Californians among you may chuckle at this news. However, San Diego just received a huge wad of taxpayer money (including yours) to aid these invaders.

More than $39 million in Shelter and Services Program funding is headed to San Diego as part of federal monies authorized by Congress to support communities that are providing services to migrants.

…The county of San Diego and the Catholic Diocese of San Diego County were both awarded $19,592,554 in SSP funding, which comes from the Department of Homeland Security, through the Federal Emergency Management Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The agencies awarded $300 million nationally.

Biden’s border invasion continues by and, by sea, and by air…unimpeded and funded by hard-working Americans.


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Illegal Immigrants Invading in Speed Boat Nearly Slam into Surfers in Southern California


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