Second Child Diagnosed With Measles at Chicago Illegal Immigrant Shelter

2024-03-11 08:00:35

My mom (HI MOM!!) told me about a child with measles at an illegal immigrant shelter in Chicago.

On Sunday, a second child at the same shelter has measles. The shelter in Pilsen is the largest in Chicago for illegal immigrants, housing 1,896 people.

City health officials put the building in quarantine status to determine who has a vaccine or is newly vaccinated. Yes, they’re going to trust everyone.

By the way, some people from that shelter have already left:

“We have advised all unvaccinated and newly vaccinated residents of the quarantine period but some of those residents have left the shelter, and I want to acknowledge that,” Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Olusimbo “Simbo” Ige said.

All Chicagoans need to be vaccinated “to protect themselves and their communities,” Ige said.

“Because of how contagious measles is, I anticipate seeing more cases,” Ige said. “Should you be exposed to someone who has measles, if you are not vaccinated you need to immediately quarantine and call a health provider. If you are not sure of your vaccination status, stay home and call your health provider as soon as possible.”

The first child, who is too young to attend school, diagnosed with measles “has recovered and is no longer infectious,” according to city health officials.

City health officials “strongly advise the unvaccinated to get the vaccine and to immediately quarantine if you have had contact with anyone with measles,” Ige said.

However, this child is the THIRD measles case in Chicago. The first happened last week. No media outlet that I could find named the person.

Chicago hasn’t had a measles case since 2019.

For crying out loud, a country like America should not have ANY measles cases.

A Florida school had a measles outbreak. Weird. I wonder… thousands of people cross the border daily without vaccination cards. I bet 99% of them do not have any vaccinations.

America went a decade or two of Hollywood telling parents that the measles vaccine causes autism, leading many not to vaccinate their children.

Then we had a “pandemic” causing panic and doctors not having the ability to vaccinate children with their routine vaccines. Those are delayed, and who knows how many have caught up?

After the “pandemic,” many people don’t even trust the vaccines that have been around for a long time because of the lies and pressure of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The only vaccine I do not trust is COVID. However, I honestly cannot blame people who do not trust anything endorsed or forced by the CDC.


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Second Child Diagnosed With Measles at Chicago Illegal Immigrant Shelter


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