Republicans Demand Ilhan Omar Resign Over ‘Somalian First’ Speech

2024-01-30 12:00:07

Republicans have started demanding the resignation of Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) after a speech surfaced of her putting American interests third behind Somalia and Muslims.

Omar was born in Somalia and represents a district with many Somalis.

Omar’s Speech

CONTEXT: “Omar’s speech concerned an ongoing dispute between Somalia and Ethiopia over Somaliland, an area that claims its independence as an otherwise unrecognized state but that Somalia claims as its own. Somaliland recently struck a deal with Ethiopia for sea access via Somaliland’s coastline along the Gulf of Aden, which Somalia says infringes on its territory.”

I will provide the transcript below. The part that caught everyone’s ears was: “We are an organized society, brothers and sisters. People of the same blood. People who know they are Somalians first, Muslims second.”

That last part, lady. I don’t think my Italian great-grandparents ever spoke like this because they came to America to prosper and grow.

No mention of America or being Americans. Even though it was a speech about Somalia and its interests, you would think a person would mention America, especially since she brought up her position in the government. Plus, we know that the government is involved in Somalia.

Even if the government wasn’t, we would be eventually because that’s what we do:

OMAR: “My answer to Somalians was, that the U.S. government will only do what Somalians in the U.S. tell them to do! They will do what we want and nothing else. They must follow our orders and that is how we will safeguard the interest of Somalia. We Somalians must have the confidence in ourselves that we call the shots in the U.S.. We live in the U.S., pay taxes in the U.S. and have a real voice.”

Resign and Deport

Republicans want to deport Omar.


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Republicans Demand Ilhan Omar Resign Over ‘Somalian First’ Speech


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