Argentine President Javier Milei Visits Israel, Announces Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem

2024-02-06 18:00:45

Argentine President Javier Milei chose Israel as his first bilateral visit since he assumed office.

(He visited America as president-elect.)

Milei has expressed a desire to convert to Judaism, so I’m not shocked he chose Israel.

Milei announced as soon as he landed that he intended to move the Argentine embassy to Jerusalem:

“For me, it is a pleasure, an honor to be here,” Argentinian President Javier Milei said upon his arrival in Israel on Tuesday. “I am keeping my promise to have my first diplomatic visit to Israel. I’m here to convey my support of Israel against Hamas terrorists, my support for the people of Israel who have the right for self-defense.”

“Obviously, my plan is to move the embassy to western Jerusalem,” he announced. “So for me it’s a great pleasure to be here. Thank you.”

The news made Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz happy:

“I thank you for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and for your announcement now to relocate Argentina’s embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish people and the State of Israel,” Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said of the decision. “Welcome to Israel, Mr. President.”

Katz declared Milei “a person of values who is committed only to the truth” and thanked him for his support “in the just struggle for the defense of the Jewish people against the murderers of Hamas.”

President Isaac Herzog stressed to Milei that the country could not wait any longer to bring back the hostages.

The hostages include 11 Argentine citizens.

Milei’s trip includes a visit to Kibbutz Nir Oz, a place attacked and pillaged on October 7th:

“You will be visiting a country that was attacked brutally on 7 October by a brutal terrorist organization, which carried out a barbaric and sadistic attack on the people of Israel, and has taken hostage hundreds of people,” says Herzog in a public statement alongside Milei. “Now we have 136 hostages in Gaza, we are praying and working tirelessly to bring them back home as soon as possible.”

“And I know that you’re supporting this fight, and I’m delivering the message through you to the entire world as well: We want them home as soon as possible,” continues Herzog. “This cannot wait any longer. Their suffering is immense. And this is against any rules of human values.”

Milei told Herzog that Argentina stands with Israel, demanding the release of the hostages.

The president also promised the country is working on declaring Hamas a terrorist organization:

“We condemned not only Hamas’s terrorist actions but also expressed our solidarity with the State of Israel and continued to support Israel’s legitimate right to self-defense,” Milei told Herzog. “Allow me to add that I have also sent a bill to the Argentinian parliament, demanding the release of the hostages, all the hostages, of course, and with a special focus on the Argentinian captives – 11 of whom are still in captivity.”

“We are working and planning to declare Hamas a terrorist organization,” Milei added. “But now, my presence here confirms everything I have said not only in recent weeks but since October 7. And this is another sign of the historical closeness, support, and friendship between our peoples.”

Translation: President Javier Milei held a meeting with the President of the State of Israel, Isaac Herzog, in Jerusalem.

Milei also traveled to the Western Wall, weeping as he prayed. It is a very emotional visit for anyone nowadays, considering Israel is fighting for its survival and Jews face antisemitism around the world.

But the trip will continue this week.

Milei will meet with Israel’s war cabinet and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday.


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Argentine President Javier Milei Visits Israel, Announces Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem


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