“Climate Crisis” and Eco-Activism Have Completely Jumped the Shark

2024-04-17 16:05:20

I have been covering the pseudoscience behind “climate crisis” for quite some time at Legal Insurrection.

Some of the recent narrative pushes have been astonishing and exceedingly hilarious.

As ridiculous as these claims and headlines are, it is now clear that the “climate crisis” pseudoscience and its accompanying narrative have completely jumped the shark.

Let’s start with an item that some of our Legal Insurrection readers shared yesterday about the earthquake in New Jersey. It turns out that a the Green Party candidate for US Senate it the state endeavored to connect the quake with climate change.

It did not go well for her.

Khalil earned over 10,000 comments mocking her assertion and some fascinating lessons about the geology of the East Coast. She was bitterly clinging to a particularly laughable “emerging issues” article linking earthquakes to climate crisis…until the over-whelming evidence of plate tectonics became too much to bear.

Let’s take a look at another ridiculous assertion: Climate change is making life more difficult for transgender Indonesian sex workers.

Trans women like Patiha are among the most affected by extreme weather linked to climate change, as well as suffering disproportionately when disasters strike.

“No one is coming out during the longer rainy season,” said Patiha. “It is very hard to make money during that unpredictable weather.”

Which leads me to ask why researchers are studying sex workers in Indonesia. But, I digress.

There is much mocking of this trite piece of pseudoscience.

Rounding out today’s review of eco-activist nonsense is the a study linking the most iconic item in the American wardrobe — blue jeans — to carbon dioxide emissions.

Bonus: The study was done by Chinese researchers.

Wearing a pair of fast fashion jeans just once creates 2.5kg of CO2, the equivalent of driving a petrol car 6.4 miles.

Scientists from the Guangdong University of Technology analysed the life cycle of a pair of Levi’s jeans from growing the cotton to their eventual disposal.

They found that some jeans were worn only seven times – earning them the classifiation of ‘fast fashion’ – and produced 11 times more CO2 than jeans wore more often.

Dr Ya Zhou, the study’s lead author says: ‘The humble wardrobe staple – a pair of jeans – has a significant impact on the environment.

Yet the Chinese seem very unconcerned about their carbon footprint.

China approved 114 gigawatts (GW) of coal power capacity in 2023, up 10% from a year earlier, with the world’s top carbon polluter now at risk of falling short on climate targets after sanctioning dozens of new plants, research showed on Thursday.

In an effort to bring climate-warming emissions to a peak by 2030, China has vowed to “strictly control” new coal-fired generation capacity, and has also connected record numbers of new wind and solar plants to its grid.

And the research is being mocked and derided in social media.

During my time writing about environmental science, I do not recall so much push-back against so-called “experts” and the woke minions in the media. This gives me profound hope that better science, a foundation of good and effective policies, will finally be able to be freely shared and widely accepted.


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“Climate Crisis” and Eco-Activism Have Completely Jumped the Shark


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