Biden Aides Involved in Classified Documents Scandal Reportedly Promoted After Publication of Hur Report

2024-03-17 07:00:38

In another case of Democrats failing upwards, aides to Joe Biden were allegedly promoted after the Hur Report was released. It’s another case where it’s fun to imagine the media’s reaction if this was the Trump administration.

This would be offered as obvious evidence of corruption, would it not?

The New York Post reports:

President Biden promoted top staffers involved in classified docs bungling within 24 hours of special counsel’s damning report

Top aides to President Biden involved in his mishandling of classified documents were given plum promotions within 24 hours of the release of special counsel Robert Hur’s damning report, The Post has learned.

Annie Tomasini, a Biden staffer since his Senate days, was named a deputy White House chief of staff on Feb. 8 — and the next day Richard Ruffner moved into Tomasini’s old gig as director of Oval Office operations.

“I don’t think it should shock anyone that the Biden administration promotes people who help them cover up Joe’s abuse of classified information,” said Jim Hanson, president of Worldstrat, a strategic consulting company.

Tomasini, 44, began her career with Biden as his press secretary in 2008 when he was a U.S. senator from Delaware, and worked as a deputy press secretary for him in 2009-2010 as vice president.

On the 2020 campaign trail, she served as his traveling chief of staff and joined the administration as director of Oval Office operations when he moved to the White House. Biden’s niece Caroline reported to Tomasini during her uncle’s failed 2008 presidential campaign…

Richard Ruffner 33, began his career with the Bidens in 2014 as a special assistant to former Second Lady Jill Biden before getting a job with Vice President Biden in the last three months of his term…

He rejoined Team Biden as deputy assistant to the president and director of Oval Office operations on Feb 9 — taking Tomasini’s old job — according to the Brookings Institute.

Matt Vespa comments at Townhall:

Biden and his fellow Democrats were more upset that Hur included damning observations about the president’s degraded memory, which included an inability to recall his vice president under Obama or when his son, Beau, died. Hur stood by his report and the controversial portions in question. It is department policy for Hur to outline any mitigating circumstances that could arise at trial to his boss, Attorney General Merrick Garland. Joe losing his marbles is one of them.

Yet, this development proves what you already know: Joe doesn’t care. He never did because he’s a Biden, a family whose levels of entitlement and self-importance might exceed that of the Clintons.

Who is going to hold Biden accountable? The media?

They’re too busy fact-checking Trump.


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Biden Aides Involved in Classified Documents Scandal Reportedly Promoted After Publication of Hur Report


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