Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Challenging Ban From Elite Competitions, Including Olympics

2024-01-26 12:00:34

The Telegraph reported that transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has challenged the World Aquatics ban keeping him from competing in elite competitions, including the Olympics.

Thomas hired the Canadian law firm Tyr. Thomas asked the Court of Arbitration for Sporty (CAS) in Switzerland to overturn the World Aquatics ban.

World Aquatics requested CAS throw out the case because “only members of domestic federations that are subject to its rules are eligible to challenge them, thereby ruling out Thomas.”

World Aquatics implemented a ban on males “who have gone through male puberty from women’s races under its jurisdiction.”

The ban has prevented Thomas from competing since he won the NCAA Division I title in 2022 in the female category.

The change happened almost a month after Thomas said, “It’s been a goal of mine to swim at Olympic trials for a very long time, and I would love to see that through.”

Thomas also claimed, “The biggest misconception, I think, is the reason I transitioned. People will say, ‘Oh, she just transitioned so she would have an advantage, so she could win’. I transitioned to be happy, to be true to myself.”

Even if that is true (I do not believe it one bit) it does not change the fact that Thomas is still a biological male.

World Aquatics establisheda new ‘open’ category.” But I guess that’s not good enough for Thomas.

Thomas stunk as a male swimmer, ranked 65 in college, and did not even make the top 1,000 400m freestyle swimmers.

As a female? Thomas set records and achieved a ranking in the top 20 in the world.

World Aquatics Executive Director Brent Nowicki stated: “The World Aquatics policy on gender inclusion, adopted by World Aquatics in June of 2022, was rigorously developed on the basis of advice from leading medical and legal experts, and in careful consultation with athletes. World Aquatics remains confident that its gender inclusion policy represents a fair approach and remains absolutely determined to protect women’s sport.”

The case cannot be resolved in time for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. The qualification deadline is in June, with the trials starting June 15.


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Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Challenging Ban From Elite Competitions, Including Olympics


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