‘GOP Now Seems to Stand for Gushing over Putin’

2024-02-26 17:49:02

MSNBC contributor Frank Figliuzzi said Monday on “Deadline” that the “GOP” now stood for “gushing over Putin.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “Frank, I asked Adam Schiff this question once, but it is apparent that one party can’t protect the country. You can’t just have one of the parties protected it from an adversary like Russia. What are your security concerns about what all of these stories reveal?”

Figliuzzi said, “Yeah, GOP now seems to stand for gushing over Putin. That is where we are. And yes, there is an inherent national security concern.”

He continued, “It would have been laughable several years ago for anyone to propose that a career federal prosecutors in California and Nevada and judges in both of those states have actually conspired together to come up with a source, and the FBI, that will discredit an impeachment attempt against Biden. That would be laughable. But now people are kind of chewing on that. Like, yeah, and we’re members of Congress saying, here we go again, Deep State and making stuff up. It doesn’t work that way. But from a national security perspective, that hurts us, that large segment of the American population is willing to swallow just about anything that the GOP is trying to feed them.”

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‘GOP Now Seems to Stand for Gushing over Putin’


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