Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About How Murder Of Georgia Nursing Student Was By Illegal Alien With Criminal Record

2024-02-25 17:07:00

The Democrat activist media is in full-blown panic over the illegal alien who has been arrested for, among other charges, murdering a lovely young nursing student at the University of Georgia.

Scrambling to obscure that he’s in this country illegally, that the open border policies they support have lead directly to this bright young woman’s death, they have called him everything from an “Athens [Georgia] man” to just plain old “suspect.” Heck, Newsweek even found a way to tie this horrendous crime by an illegal alien to . . . MAGA. You can’t make this stuff up.

The results of their inability to grasp–much less report–basic truths run the gamut from ludicrously laughable to downright infuriating.

Needless to say, people have thoughts.

The full text reads:

Hi, female athlete here. I ran this exact trail every single week of my college career. I guess I could have been snuffed out before I graduated, had a career, family, and the professionals at the AP would lie about the suspect bc it fits a preferred narrative. Ibarra is not merely an “Athens resident,” and Laken Riley and every other student was put in danger by not enforcing laws and allowing a man arrested 3x after crossing the border to hang out and work on campus. He had to escalate to alleged murder to be held and/or risk deportation. Good policies. Good work.

This story even cites the 2018 murder of Mollie Tibbetts in IA as a reason solo female runners should be worried, *also without noting her killer was an illegal immigrant.* Just stop lying!

Here’s the local news station doing actual journalism on this.

Full text:

The more I look at this AP story, the dumber it is. It talks about a real fear, a real threat. It doesn’t attempt to give context that would help readers rationally evaluate how scared they should be aside from a brief mention of unspecified stats that such attacks are rare. Then it takes a sample size of two murders of female joggers and doesn’t even then identify the common thread, which was attacks by strangers (still alleged in the case of Riley) who were also illegal immigrants!


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Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About How Murder Of Georgia Nursing Student Was By Illegal Alien With Criminal Record


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