Pro-Abortion Group at Florida State Hosts ‘Paint Your Orgasm Picnic & Potluck’ Event

2024-04-14 10:30:14

Remember the days when going to college was something that people took seriously?

Pro-abortion group hosts ‘Paint Your Orgasm’ event at Florida State

A public university in Florida recently held a pro-abortion event to encourage students to “paint” their “orgasm.”

Florida State University’s Generation Action hosted a “Paint Your Orgasm picnic & potluck” on March 29 at the university’s Landis Green, according to an Instagram post from the group.

Generation Action is a “network of young activists across the country who organize events on their campuses and in their communities” to promote abortion. Planned Parenthood, which receives taxpayer dollars, aborted nearly 400,000 unborn babies from Oct. 1, 2019 to Sept. 30, 2020, according to a Heritage Foundation report.

Owen Girard, FSU’s Turning Point USA Chapter President, expressed to Campus Reform his concern with the event.

Girard stated he was “not surprised that this group would host such an event,” as “[t]he organization not only disguises the despicable and horrific act of abortion as a women’s rights issue, but they also parade[s] sexual liberation as a form of female empowerment.”

“The fact that this event will be hosted outside on Landis Green, a public space where students, faculty, and families often spend time, is extremely disturbing,” he stated.

“I find it ironic how there have been recent calls from pro-choice activists to censor and shut down pro-life organizations that publicly display on Landis the horrid results of abortion, yet they also want to use the same space to ‘Paint Your Orgasm,’” he continued.

“I call on Florida State to do the right thing and redirect the event to take place indoors in a space where families with small children and other individuals enjoying their evening do not need to be exposed to this type of material,” Girard told Campus Reform.

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Pro-Abortion Group at Florida State Hosts ‘Paint Your Orgasm Picnic & Potluck’ Event


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